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16 Chemo sessions??? Any one else went through this?

Hi all,

My mother aged 50 is suffering from Breast Cancer as most of you know through my previous posts and questions. Yesterday I came to know that the doctor at Max Hospitals Saket, Delhi has advised 16 chemo sessions for her in all! I was surprised to know the number. Most of you here have 6 sessions or something like that. Then why is it 16 for her? I am confused.

Her chemo cycles have been divided in to 4 high dose (each 3 weeks apart) and 12 (weekly) supposedly low dose sessions. She has gone through first two high dose ones. I thought it would be 4 more for her.. but its 14 more now! Please explain about this. I am really puzzled. My dad is the only one who talks to the doctor about everything. And I cant ask him as he is really depressed himself. I googled about it but could not find anything. This forum is my last resort.



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MG - its really disturbing to hear - but not heard till yet of 16 cycles- lets seek other members help



i also dont know how. Dr. Sumeet can help us.


MG, technically, it is only 8 cycles.

What they have done is, split the last 4 chemo cycles into 12 cycles. You see, for example, we can give 300 mg of chemo every 3 weeks, or we can split that into 100 mg chemo every week. The total dose is the same. But this splitting of last 4 chemo (Taxane) into 12 cycles reduces the side effects and is very helpful.

last 4 cycles x 300mg = 1200 mg in total


split into 100 mg x 12 cycles = 1200 mg in total

So it's not 16 cycles really. It is only 8 cycles (4 cycles with some drug and 4 cycles with other drug). It's just that last 4 cycles have been split into 12 to reduce the side effects. And it's very effective. We too do the same in many patients. Only one thing, in these patients, a PORT is preferable

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My mom was suffering from triple negative breast cancer with metastastis in bones n lever was given 12 chemo therapies....


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