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What are the groups views on the latest research regarding preventative treatments with tamoxifen and raloxifene?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says tamoxifen or raloxifene taken daily by high risk women for five years can cut breast cancer risk by 40%. May provide a treatment option besides mastectomy for women found to be genetically high risk.

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Hi, Dr. Devi. Good to have you on this forum. I regret my delayed reply, last three days were real busy.

preventive treatments with Tamoxifen and Raloxifene have been around for some time. In India, we lack any experience in this matter. Mainly because, genetic testing is not routinely done here yet, even in selected patients. Many oncologists and other specialties treating cancer, honestly do not even know the indications of genetic testing. And secondly, this genetic testing is very expensive yet, and is not covered in insurance. So our experience regarding is extremely limited. If you ask me, not even 0.1 percent of patients of breast cancer in India undergo any genetic testing.

But going by world literature, yes, the results are promising. Post Angelina Jolie phenomenon, people are not coming forward for more of genetic testing. And if the genetic tests do come positive, prophylactic mastectomy is not the only option; tamoxifen can very well be tried for 5 years; and it has been in the NCCN guidelines as a part of preventive measures for high risk ladies.


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