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Strange marks on breast

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Hi hope your all keeping safe I had a lumpectomy for dcis in February/March followed by 1 week of intense radiotherapy ( because of covid 3 weeks of treatment was done in one) very sore for a few weeks after but all fine. Now 6 months on my breast feels so heavy and sore and what looks like orange peel. Just need to see if any one else has experience this don’t want to trouble the breast unit unless necessary xx

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I haven’t had the same symptoms as you but I would strongly urge you to contact your breast care nurse.

Or Macmillan

Hi, I am no expert, but have similar & mine is lymphodema in the breast. Your breast care nurse will be able to confirm this for you & show you how to massage it to ease the disconfort.

Hops this helps

Caz x

I had exactly that after my lumpectomy. It was oedema which is fluid trapped under the skin. I had my lymph glands removed and it causes a disruption to lymph system and so the fluid doesn’t drain away properly and that’s all made worse by radiotherapy. I went to the lymphoedema clinic and was shown how to massage my boob to help the fluid drain away. There are videos on how to do it on you tube. Mine is fine now, surgery jan 18. It takes a good year for the breast to settle down after radiotherapy and surgery.

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