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Breast cancer 3 years ago 18 months healing. After chemo and raiotherapy. I now still have sore boobs with fat necrosis that feels weired. And funny feelings . I have bad nerve damage down my arm and side. Anyone else have painful lump boobs.

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I still have sore boob 2013 was the year I had breast cancer I was told it will always be like that I have lymphedema In right boob

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Thankyou i had breast reduction as well because i was so big. So healing took 18 month. 5 month late for radiotherapy but had it. So lumpy breast in reduction one. And painful hard breast in cancer one. Did you have to give up work. ? I have. And only 60 yrs old. Do hope you are feeling ok. Its a worry all the time. X

Same here... my boobs are always sore and I have swollen under arm pit in one side. Two weeks ago got really bad and got ultrasound and they found a lump. The day of the biopsy they didnt find the lump which I was happy. But I still experience some type of pain and I cant do much with my right arm. I dont work anymore and I am 42.

Hi sorry to hear you are still in pain. I'm 6 months in for the 2nd time. My breast has 3 hard lumps due to fat necrosis. My PS said to leave for another 6 months with lots of massaging in the hope it will improve. Like you I have pain and there's nothing that really helps. X

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So sorry your not able to work either. Limited movement in arm and numbness where lmph nodes taken. I have recived benifits now which makes life easier and thats another worry out the way. Going to ring breast nurse after new year. X

Hope it eases up for you. X

A year on from mastectomy and recon and I still have numbness in my armpit some of my arm and side boob. Hard ish bits in breast which I am told to keep massaging. Whilst I wouldn't say I am in great pain I am sore and not comfortable but it is better than it was 6 months ago and I am told it is normal so I keep on with the exercises massaging etc and hope for the best.

I do hope each month gets better for you. And eventually you are pain free. Much love x

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