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Chemo to start soon


Good morning everyone . Wishing you all a happy day today. .yesterday the oncologist arranged pre chemo tests then 2 different lots will start over the next 28 weeks . Reading about the immense resilience of you wonderful warriors is very humbling . I know it’s going to be tough , but it’s time I practised what I preached to others in my care ( at a psychiatric rehab home I ran until retirement last year). The mastectomy seems to be healing well and the strict vegan diet is a pain but is helpful in so many ways . Yes I do long for a steak and chips , creamy yogurt and cake but am managing to resist ( just).

Thinking of all of you today with heartfelt wishes that you get through the day without too much stress or pain if any kind . With love

Denise xx

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Why at this point go vegan? If no vegans ever got cancer I could see the point but that isn't the case.

Also I have a consultant cousin and she has told me you need plenty of protein (in whatever form you want) to recover from surgery and to eat as well as I could through chemo.

Denizt in reply to Violetta25

Hi Violetta. Thanks for your reply . I’ve been told off by my daughter who says I’m “ not a vegan but a pescatarian “! As I eat a lot of fish , pulses , oats, so as Im new to all this , I’m learning ! Best regards

Denise x

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