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Morning to my pink lady friends. Need a bit if advice. I have started to cut my Letrozole hormone treatment pill in half and taking twice daily. My side affects have diminished a bit but have conflicting views from various quarters about doing this because the pill is coated. I have put a call in to the breast centre in Kingston but until I get advise from them I wondered if anyone here has an opinion. Much love to you all and have a great weekend. Marina xxxxx

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Tough one this....have you heard from breast Cate nurses yet ? A good source of information is your local pharmacist as well they have high knowledge levels on such matters ..some drugs can't be halved ..best to check it out or in the UK call 111 they can advise ..good luck and take care


Thank you Louise for your sound comments. Not heard from nurse yet. Xx


As far as I can recall from my nursing days, if a tablet is coated it should be taken whole. This is to give it time to pass through the stomach as some medication can cause gastrointestinal upsets


Read the leaflet in the box see if they make smaller dose I got 10mg of Tamoxifen from Dr. To take twice a day he was happy to do this for me

HTH Diane


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