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Rib pain and crazy looking implants after double mastectomy


I am 3 weeks post op. Had a double mastectomy and overall, am doing pretty good. I wasn't expecting my ribs to hurt so much! Is this normal? I feel like I was in car accident! It is a very weird pain.

Also, my implants are so high and tight! My cleavage is at my clavicle bone :-). I feel them pulling all the way to my arm pit... Any input on this?

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Not able to advise but maybe give your BCN or GP a call just to get some advice and/or re-assurance, I hope it's just your body healing after your surgery, good luck

Had the same implant settling now 6 months had seroma fluid around the implant needed it drained several times in first 6 weeks post surgery which helped it was very swollen now some rib pain but that's common from pressure now implant abit solid after radiotherapy . Pleased with the look and cleavage but don't like the hardness of implant will have reconstruction after oct need to wait a year after radiotherapy .

It will settle and you will feel relief , just see your surgeon and get it checked . Seromas are common and settle after 3-6 months but may need drainage if too swollen they took 500 MLS out of mine

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I had a single implant a few weeks ago and rib pain (particularly where the drains were ) for quite a while, I had to wear a tight bra and don't think that helped either , however you should probably call your breast nurse if you have any queries ? My surgeon did say the implant will drop which is why he doesn't do an uplift on the remaining one at the same time, he gives it a few months for it to settle.

Jo x

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Thank you so much for your reply. I will see my doctor on Friday.

Hi Grisol, might be a seroma build up causing the implants to push on your ribs?

I've recently had a temp expander replaced (it sprung a leak!) after my latest fill this week it felt like a bowling ball very uncomfortable assumed it was normal.. unfortunately not my scar opened in a weak spot and loads of seroma gushed out, (sorry tmi - it made it feel much better afterwards.. was very scary though!)

Massaging in the shower helps, was advised to do this start at the clavicle and work downwards and outwards.

Best to get it checked though :)


Nix x

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