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Haircut / syrup restyle!

Hello everyone, here's a tip!

Last week I dropped in at the newly opened Wessex Cancer Trust in Salisbury for a presentation by a local hairdresser called Nicky who was trained by Trevor Sorbie's program on hairdressing wigs. Nicky trained 9 years ago.

I was her model and I came away very satisfied!

I've been wearing my rug for weeks now - I left my hairdresser of 10 years behind when I moved last year - and it was perfectly acceptable to me. But after the restyle it just looked so much better 😌.

I would recommend having a trim and I'll be keeping Nicky as my hairdresser going forward.

Also the drop in centre is lovely!

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The centre in Salisbury is much needed, it's a lovely place I have visited and my work will be supporting them with charity events and raising awareness.

I bet your hair was amazing!! Xx

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