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Hi everyone. I found out in January this year that I have the BRACA gene for Breast Cancer. I went for a routine Mammogram and Ultrasound yesterday .

My physician found a hard lump in my right breast and has done a biopsy. I'm back in two weeks for results.

When I went home afterwards I felt exhausted and light headed up to yesterday evening.

I'm stiff and sore this morning and as you can imagine I'm now really anxious. A lot of emotions going through my mind and if I'm honest I'm scared.

This has thrown me as I didn't expect it. Anyone felt this? I'm a very active Mary Poppins type person.

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Hi, really sorry to read your news, of course you are bound to be anxious but do try to remain calm until you know for sure. I remember feeling sore and strange for at least 10 days after biopsy, it is uncomfortable.

Although you have tested positive for the gene, the lump could be any number of things. Worrying will make you feel unwell in itself. Keep busy, occupy your mind with things you like doing and surround yourself with people as much as possible too, i found being left to my own devices drove me mad with what ifs etc...

Keep my fingers crossed for you, take care x

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Thank you so very much for your kind words. I'm keeping active and busy. Just tired and sort of weepy...I'm never like I'm putting it down to that too.


Be kind to yourself remain positive I went through this last year and although it was cancer I finished treatment and a year later I am fit well but no longer a superhero I was always doing something for everyone now I make time for me and I focus on the moment and the brautty around me . My 4 kids have coped brilliantly with the treatment and surgery and as we all know the advances in breastcaneer have been huge .

Hopefully it will be nothing but be prepared and keep you mind focus on the beautiful people around you get support and stop being Mary poppins slow down no fight or flight soothe yourself xxx

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Thank you❤


If you are local to Berkshire happy to meet up xx I know how hard it can be that wait it was me last easter all over the bank holidays but in hindsight worry didn't help and although it was tough news for me I am fine now xx if you

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Its such an emotional time, your thoughts are in turmoil and I felt very similar for many weeks whilst I was going back and forth to the hospital. Don't expect too much of yourself. Its a huge amount to get your head around. I wish you luck. xx


Thank you❤❤



Agree with all that's been posted, is such an awful time... I've never had the BRACA gene test but as 3 maternal relatives (including my mum) had BC I've been part of the family history clinic at my local hospital since i was 25 (am 44 now). Have had yearly mammograms and MRI scans since then. I had a call back a few years ago, which didn't worry me at the time, all fine but when I got my call back in 2015, I knew something wasn't right, even though I'd felt nothing unusual. I had to wait a week to go back and in all that time I felt appalling. I ached everywhere, had a permanent headache, couldn't eat, would cry and snap at people and found life so tiring. Only thing that helped me was being really busy so couldn't stop to think.

Everyone on here will be 'the worse case scenario' unfortunately (that's why we're here!) but until the results come in it could be anything, even though you have the gene.

Look after yourself, try and eat, (know its tough), and pop in here whenever you need to if you need a chat or a rant, someone will be around to reply.

btw I was greedy and 3 areas of BC in one breast, no lumps or bumps, was told I wouldn't have found them so not to beat myself up about it, and this all occurred within a year of my previous check up, so a lump doesn't mean that's what it is even with your gene.

Big hugs and remember to pop in if you need a vent 💕

Nix xx

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