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Hi Friends ... Advice about Lymph nodes things

Hi friends .. I hope u were all enjoyed Easter.... Me and my friend also. we cooked and had together with her family. she were happy yesterday

Now she is doing her radiotherapy Now almost 13 finished and need to do another 12 more. Now she had a pain in her hand and tried, sleepless night ect ect.

Her theses problem is she need to face her life-long? She is saying Her seven lymph nodes are removed. So she should carry her pain enter her life. Is it right ?

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Hi Ediwn, i had a lot of pain and discomfort in my right arm, where i complete lymph node removal, during my radiotherapy, when treatment finished it got easier over time, but as i found it difficult to move the arm i did have a couple of physio sessions, so yes, it will get better when your friend finishes her treatment, i wish you both well


Hey, Thanks, Jenny. I hope you are doin well. Jenny, I wanna need some help from you. please help me if you can. Actually, Now my friend facing too much pain and swelling on her right hand. She is doing physio sessions, but the pain still has.

Kindly please share me the physio session what u did for you.


Hi Ediwn, sorry to read your friend is still having problems, my physio was 3 yrs ago so I can't remember specific exercises, if your friend is still having physio get her to mention the pain and swelling next time she goes, if not get her to contact either her breast care team ( they're there for her now for the rest of her life) otherwise contact family doctor, I wish you both well

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Thanks dear .. have a healthy and happy life


Tell your friend to check she isn't developing lymphodema as that can cause discomfort. The symptoms are swelling and fluid retention. To check if she is retaining fluid, tell her to press on the area with her thumb for about 30 seconds. If when she release the pressure there is an indentation that doesn't immediately go, she should ask for a referral to the lymphodema service


Hi Edwin, radiotherapy is a very strenuous thing, even though we're lying down and not moving. If she has to hold her breath like I did, you are holding muscles taut that you don't usually and your arms are in uncomfortable positions so hand pain is understandable.

I had hand pain after my nodes were removed and when I stretched my arm, palm up I could feel the cord I had inside pulling like a guitar string. I massage it and stretched it even though it was very painful and it gradually disappeared for me thankfully.

I have sleepless nights still (finished radiotherapy last March) but not as often. It does get better.

I needed lots of rest when having radiotherapy, even if you don't sleep relaxing is good. Eat well, lots of fruit and veg. Drink loads of water as can make you dehydrated. Keep telling her she's more than half way through, and keep doing the nice things like cooking and meeting friends as it all helps to relax.

It shouldn't be permanent, but does feel like it when your in the middle of treatment, as Jenny says there are treatments out there so she doesn't have to suffer.

Big Hugs,



Thanks dear...


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