Breast cancer spread

Hi All had my appointment today with oncologist today to discuss chemotherapy and radiotherapy plan and was told that chest X-ray shows glands enlarged in lungs. Treatment is being delayed until further tests carried out, however doctor thinks cancer has spread to lungs. Devasted anyone out there with positive words, I feel this is the start of the end x

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  • Hi Tracey, sorry to read today's appt didn't go to plan. Do you know yet when you'll be having your further tests. I know you say that your doctor thinks the cancer has spread, but try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) until you've got all your test results. As for this being the start of the end, it isn't, it's a chapter in the book that you hadn't planned to put in the book, try and give yourself some little treats whilst waiting for your next hospital appt, try and keep busy, again easier said than done, sending good luck love and hugs in your direction xxxxx

  • Having a bone density on 6th April waiting for appointment for lung specialist which is being fast tracked, back to see oncologist on 17th April for results then hopefully start chemotherapy on 24th April. Will need my own parking lot at hospital lol

  • My heart goes out to you. But please try to hang on to the positive you.

    A few days before Christmas I had to see a gynaecologist who, after some very uncomfortable invasive tests said she was unhappy with it all and that I had endometrial cancer (b.c.diagnosis was September 2015).

    Devastated off course plus couldn't lay this on my family days before xmas so went through 4 days of absolute hell, then she phoned to tell me that the biopsy results showed no sign of cancer!!! I am relieved off course but tell yo this by way of reminding us ll that the 'experts' do get it wrong.

    Let's all hope that your further tests reveal a better outcome than you are thinking.

    Stay strong

    Blue xx

  • Keep positive there may be treatments to cover both cancers and if not then look at alternatives . Send me. Message if you need to talk xx inch love

  • Hi Tracy, so sorry to hear your news, I am only at the beginning of my journey but I already know how hard the waiting is, if it wouldn't offend you I will add you to my prayers. Look after yourself x

  • Hi. It's not easy when things don't go to plan but it is good to know that tests are moving on pretty quickly and, before you know it, you will have your new treatment plan in place. There are lots of different treatments out there so have faith in your doctors

    Try and keep busy to take your mind off things. Try and have people around you. My family and friends have kept me going through all my treatments. Pamper yourself in whatever way you enjoy so you are relaxed and prepared for the rest of your journey. You will get through this and try and plan something nice in the future so you have something to look forward to

    Lots of hugs coming your way xx

  • Hello Tracy. I am sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts. I was very sad to read your post. Its perfectly understandable that you are feeling so worried. Its such a tough journey, you get a plan, get your head around it, then every so often something is thrown into the pot and everything changes. It throws you off balance and you have to get your head around yet another new plan. Its natural to think the worst when you have just had such unexpected news but there could be a number of explanations. The body is such a complex thing. They are onto it so any treatment will follow quite quickly (although I know it never feels quickly enough). Try to keep strong for the next leg of the journey by drawing upon all your support networks. Be selfish and do things for you. Sending you all my best wishes and lots of positivity. I wish you all the luck in the world ( but even that doesn't guarantee you a parking lot!). Hugs Caroline xxx

  • Hi Tracey. I am friends with a lady who had bc 20 years ago which spread to her lungs and today she is fine with no problems whatsoever. Try to stay positive and remember this. I know many people who have recovered from metastatic disease or are living with it and doing very well. It is not 'the start of the end' and you need support at this time to believe that you are going to make it through and be an exceptional survivor too. Lots of love and hugs. xxxxxxxx

  • Sorry you are feeling so bad ... Try and remain positive , you need a plan , they will try all treatments .. Sending love & hugs xxx

  • Sorry to see this. I know how horrible you must be feeling. Maybe you will be lucky and it is caught early enough. If you're religious believe in the powers of prayer and put faith in God. I do hope you will have good end results.

  • My neighbour has a tumour and decided against conventional treatment and using cannabis oil, his tumour has shrunk and is doing well. I am going to carry on with my treatment but give cannabis oil a shot too, thanks for messages of support. Take care all x

  • I am metastatic Tracey. Liver and lungs...or maybe I should say was, as I no longer feel that I'm carrying a disease. Scans in 2 weeks will show if my RIck Simpson treatment protocol has finished the job chemo started. I'm six months post diagnosis and my best advice to you is take ownership of your health and research natural therapies. Know this: chemo cannot kill cancer stem cells, so at some stage you will go alternative, or need a plan b. Look after your mental and spiritual self and eat clean and healthy ( get some expert nutritional advice). This is doable. Go do it! 😘😘😘❤❤❤🌺

  • That's great news, let me know how your scan goes x

  • How lovely no have you been doing the rick Simpson treatment.

  • How long have you been dong the river Simpson treatment.

  • I started a week after my last chemo and the oncologist had "given" me two months off treatments. So, we went home and began the oil on February 6th. It took me two weeks to build up to the gram a day, but have been on that amount now for a month...! A few side effects getting used to it, but nothing like chemo. You don't feel as though the life is being sucked out of you. And you get a wonderful night's sleep. 🌺

  • I have been taking a teaspoon of cbd oil three times a day for 2 days however I don't get no side effects is that normal.

  • Tracy, you won't get a 'high' effect from cbd oil, as that component doesn't have alter things in the brain, but nor are you getting the THC component of the plant that works well with the cbd. I don't get side effects if I use it as a suppository, even with THC, but I worry that it's not getting absorbed correctly. Anyway, anything extra is better than nothing I say. Good luck! 🌺

  • I have the same diagnosis and am on the cannabis oil. Love to know more details about your neighbour! Feeling fabulously confident. Scan in two weeks. There is always hope, you just have to go looking. 🌺

  • Hi,I have had some trouble getting the THC but hopefully Tuesday will be able to start with that also. My neighbour is doing really well his tumour has shrunk and he's put a stone in weight back on and this was without chemo. He's following Sacred Kana plan, juicing, supplements, CBD and THC.

  • So sorry to here your news...sending you positivity strenth....and huge hugs....❤❤xxxx

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