the lumps removed


This is my first time here and seems to be the only place I have found that may help me understand what is happening to me.

1. How long does it generally take to feel better after a lumpectomy....

2. what is best to use to get the bruising, scars and cellulites to ease up, calm ....aloe Vera, arnica, bio oil, coconut oil ....suggestions would be gladly received please


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  • Hi, it'll take a couple of weeks, don't forget the anaesthetic that will be floating around your body, with regards the bruising I used aqueaus (not sure if I've spelt that correctly), cream, remember we all heal at our own speed, so what's right for me may not be right for you, listen to your body, rest when you need to, if you feel up to it, and the weather's ok, go for a short walk, how long ago did you have your surgery, do you know what the rest of your treatment plan involved, sending love and hugs your way xxxx

  • Thank you for replying ... My op was on the 24/11/16 ...I have a raging infection and on antibiotics and had my breasts drained of fluid 5 times now near on and only just out of hospital.

    The bruising is still very bad and I am so tender.... frighten to be honest.

    I am waiting for an Oncology appointment to decide the next step.

    The aliens and nodes have been removed, now the for the force field to be put in place... positivity is high this is not a death sentence anymore but I am worried about what is to come ....I've been scared total re radiotherapy because someone who thought she was helping ....showed me her burns OMG ! can't speak to her again. I was wondering what would be best to help the healing process on.

    Thank you again

  • Don't worry about the burns ithey go away I had exact same procedure as you in 2013 the burn has gone and my 2 scars you can hardly see the only annoying part is side effects from the tamoxifen but I will happily put up with them I have my life

    Stay well

    Janet x

  • Hey Aliens so sorry to hear you've such an infection but liking the Star Wars analogy! I debated calling it the Enemy but decided against giving it any credibility 😁 and have used little f***er recently.

    Information helps me stay calm, so do try and find what could help you, certainly all the lovely help and advice here from lovely wonderful people.

    Wishing you well xxx

  • Ha ha my way of coping relating to what is not real to my knowledge ... but thank you for your reply all helps what doesn't help is my doctor telling I only took one node out on one side and none the other then next time tells me at least 3/4 on both sides ... looking butcher and angry red with bruising still 🙃😂😂😂 got to laugh can't cry

    Hope 2017 is a healthy year for you xxx

  • Bless you sweetheart. I asked my BC nurse for my histology report ostensibly to better understand my diagnosis - perhaps you could ask yours, to better explain the lymph situation.

    I believe strongly in the following: if there is a question to ask there is no cost to anyone in asking it again. My nurse and my surgeon were accommodating in this respect. Keep asking until you understand / are satisfied.

    All the best aliens2 xxx

  • if you need radiotherapy, just remember the burns will heal, but for now try and focus on healing, getting rid of the infection, there's plenty of time to think about the next part of your journey when you've got through this stage, if they say you don't need chemo don't panic , if this is any help, I had lumpectomies in 2013, no chemo, 3 weeks radiotherapy, still on Tamaxofen, mammograms in 2014/15/16 are clear,

  • Hi Twinks

    I live across the pond in NYC

    I had a lumpectomy in mid October. I'm fully healed now. I am using vitamin E oil on the scar to keep it soft. But you can't use it on an open or infected wound. So sorry you have an infection. I'm sure that's why you are still sore.

    I am starting radiation in 10 days. I'm also frightened but I think of it as a necessary evil to make sure I don't have a recurrence. I have a few friends who have had breast radiation and none have burned or had any skin break down. They had some minor redness, dryness and discomfort, that's all. Radiation has really advanced in recent years and the side effects are much less.

    I wish you healing and health in 2017.


  • Hi, I used bio oil for scarring but you need to wait till the wounds have healed before using it. I went on to have radiotherapy, which after chemo and surgery was "easier" to deal with. Its like sunburn and just itchy but i got a cream from the nurses to help, i also used acqueous cream. You need to stay out of the sun for a while too,

    Good luck with rest of your treatment x

  • Hi, I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was fortunate enough not to have any healing problems with my skin and no burning from the radio. I used Aloe Vera based skin care from start to finish and it worked a treat! Best wishes for a speedy recovery x

  • I had a mastectomy and reconstruction, 7 years ago I too had an infection but it was solved finally with antibiotics and all my scars etc are now healed well. In regards to radio therapy you may get some burns, try to avoid wearing tight clothes, bras etc. I had some burning but it healed within a couple of weeks, I would recommend aqueous cream as mentioned above, my oncologist prescribed me a healing cream that I think has silver in it that was very good. also I had some dressing pads that were soaked in paraffin these made it so much more comfortable, you can get these from the hospital or buy them yourselves.

  • I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. I used E45 cream when I had radiotherapy and just had reddening like sunburn

  • Ladies

    Thank you to you all for your support and suggestions.

    I don't feel so alone ....😊

    Wishing you all a health and prosperous new year


  • Luckily i had very little problem after radiotherapy and was quick to recover from lumpectomy. Hope you get rid of your infection soon as it can take its toll on your bodyx

  • Hi,I'm at more or less the same stage as you,my op was on 9th November so I'm 2 weeks ahead,my scars healed OK after about 4 weeks but breast still tender and the bruising was bad but I didn't get an infection. You will feel better after the infection has gone I'm sure ,your body is putting all its energy into fighting that at the moment I think.I had my checking appointment yesterday for my 20 sessions of radiotherapy starting next Tuesday and I have to say I did feel anxious but I think it's because of being in the cancer centre where I had the awful chemotherapy,thank the Lord that's over!My nurses warned me there could be a bit of "sunburn" but not everybody gets it,I'm sure they'll give good advice and support if you do get burns.Anyway the top and bottom of it is you need radiother to kill the cancer cells so if you get a bit of sunburn it will be worth it,good luck with yours ,I'll post and let you know how mine went.Get better soon,happy new year,Vicky. X

  • When I think back...25 years, I had more trouble with the radiotherapy machines breaking down, and extended waits. Just got bumped up on vit c drinks. Redness no sign of blisters...I had no ginger hair and white skin for those I guess the burning results are worse. Skin never really recovers back to preradiotherapy but remains damaged like any burn to some degree. But this was past...machines are more targeted and better now, this is the lesser of the two evils. I got 25 years free.

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