Suspicious lump

I'm awaiting a core biopsy result. My head is all over the place and I'm wracked with anxiety. Does this mean I will definitely have cancer? The ladies on here are fantastic and their advice is so good, so much in information. It's a roundish hard, smooth lump, no ragged edges, I've given my breast a few hard knocks in the past and the doc said it might be scar tissue but it is suspicious. Any thoughts? It's centimetre in size.

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  • Hi Glenshellach. The waiting for any results can be torturous, however you must try to stay calm. Nobody can guess at the result. It could be that it is a benign lump (cyst or fatty tissue) that can be removed fairly simply, on the other hand it could be something more sinister. Nobody will know until all results are in. If it is the latter, you will cope. You must try to remain positive. This is half the battle. I have a blog that you are welcome to read, all about my own experience. It may be of some help to you.

    Try some mindfullness meditation and busying yourself doing things you enjoy. Good luck with tbe results. I hope and pray that they are cancer free for you.

    Take care, positive vibes and hugs being sent right now. Lainey66 xx

  • Hi, as Lainey says try not to worry, easier said than done though isn't it, try and go out each day or meet up with someone for coffee or lunch, you haven't said when you're getting the results, when you do, and IF it is bad news that's the time to worry, sending you love and hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks ladies

    Funny isn't it how lonely things can suddenly become. I'm okay most of the time but occasionally I'm shuddering and a wave of anxiety washes over me. A sense of unreality. I'll keep busy as you say and hope for the best. Thank you so much for your kind words and hugs back. X

  • Yes hon. It can be very lonely and no matter how well meaning people are or try to be, unless they know from experience what we are going through, it is impossible for them to totally understand. That is one of the reasons I find this site so wonderful. I am in on Monday for my 3 month review. Fingers crossed and all that jazz 😂😂 ... BTW... I read some of the threads further down... and you ate definitely not a wimp. You are battling a real fear. Good luck with all test results, and although we are all scattered world wide, we are all here for you and each other. xxx

  • Good luck with your three months. Fingers crossed. Yes, I think you are right about not understanding unless they've been through it. I'm awaiting biopsy results while most of you are actually living this nightmare. Already my stomach is in knots and my mind is racing. I wish you the very best on you next appointment. Hugs xxx

  • Statistically it will be fine. I have lots of lumps and only one was cancer xx

  • Thank you very much for that! I do appreciate it. May I ask did you have core biopsies?

  • I think everyone on here is so strong and inspirational. I think you can all be proud of yourselves. I'm a complete wimp! Thank you Rosie xxx

  • You are definitely not a wimp. I am quite a positive person by nature but these things hit you hard however you are. Try and keep busy and, in no time at all, you will have your results. I hope that they are cancer free. If not, you are on to the next stage but you will will get through it. Lots of hugs xx

  • I did but they knew it was cancer straight away because of the appearance of the lump. Sounds like yours may be scar tissue. Waiting is the worst but please don't fear the worst huney xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear your news, these are the longest days waiting for the results.

    Please try not to worry until you know, dealing with Facts is easier than the 'What Ifs' l hope it's good news for you, please let us know either way.

    Good Luck 🍀

  • Thank you. Yes waiting is awful. I hate it. I'm anxious by nature so this is he'll for me. I'm full of nervous energy and want to do something, but I don't know what! Walking the legs off at the moment.

  • I had a core biopsy for microcalcifications that turned out to be noninvasive DCIS. The waiting was difficult. Keep yourself occupied and your life as normal as possible. I found some great meditation videos on YouTube that were very helpful. I also intuitively reached out to friends and acquaintances who have had breast cancer. They are the only ones who truly understand the journey and associated anxiety. They have become my personal go to support group.

    Good luck to you! Keep us posted!

  • Thank you for your kindness. After the initial shock, which totally consumed me, I've had the odd hour or two where I've been okay (ish). Early mornings and through the night is the worst. Scouring the internet for more information. Reading everything. During the day I keep myself busy as everyone recommended. Dreading the results but desperate to hear them too. Getting them by phone sometime during a two hour slot. That's going to be awful.

  • Results today....saying a wee prayer

  • Well that wasn't so good. They found cancer cells. Lumpeciomy and radiation on the cards. I knew it really just needed it confirmed. Thank you everyone for your kind words. At least I know the plan now and that helps. Wish it was just a bad dream but that's not an option. Haven't really taken it in.....rough road ahead I guess

  • Sorry its not the news you wanted but like you say, you know the plan, trust the doctors/nurses, its a new scary experience for you but not to them. I got through by living day to day, focusing on one appointment to the next, hard at first but got used to it. Much love to you, i and all the ladies on here i am sure are right there holding your hand through your journey. X

  • Can I ask, are the plans usually accurate (ish) please

  • My initial meet with oncologist where he explained everything that was to come and in what order, time scales exactly the plan that was stuck to.

    Test results, pathology reports etc..and their outcome can all determine a different path.

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