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Any flatties out there with ongoing pain

Hi there, I have not had reconstruction as was not suitable at the time. My surgery was 8 months ago and healed very well, did have a bit of a seroma (one side mastectomy and lymph clearance). Good movement so discharged from physio but I ache in the surgery area. I cannot lie on it, on my side or front or it gets very sore, after driving also. Anyone else like this?

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Hello Mac . I gave up driving a manual car after surgery due to the pain and got an automatic which solved the driving . You learn to carry shopping on the other side . Get the breast nurse to check it out if it hurts to lay on it ..


I continued to have discomfort for a long time after my mastectomy. I too had a lymph mode clearance and had some fluid build up removed. I think we assume that everything will get back to normal very quickly and it takes longer than we think. Keep exercising your arm and protect it as best you can. I am 6 years post surgery and still get twinges sometimes!

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If you have ongoing pain speak to your breast nurse or oncologist in first instance. There may have been nerve damage during lymph clearance that is contributing to the pain you are experiencing. You may be able to be referred to a pain clinic or pain management clinic. Post mastectomy pain syndrome is a recognised condition.


Hi i had pretty similiar side effects but was referred to physio and that sorted it out ,couldnt lie on my right side where masectomy .After alot of physio i can now drive away,the exercise they give you is very iimportant i know its a pain but it does work ☺It will get better!!x


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