Feeling old and aching... get active

Hi Guys, I'm 12months over chemo, full mastectomy and taxmoxifen, which I hate! sore joints, tired. I feel l ike I'm an old woman even to turn at night I need my partners help. However, I started Zumba classes 4 month ago, and go 4-5 times a week. I do it at my own pace (lots of breaks) However I have found remarkable changes to my body. I have been on holiday for the past 2 weeks and have had no zumba, I know feel like that old woman I previously was (I'm 45) I never did excersize before, so this has REALLY helped. I spoke to a doctor pal of mine while I was hear (in spain) and she told me that new research PROVES that excersize is the number one 'drug' you can take after having Cancer with all its treatments to help prevent it again! Ladies I so would encourage you ALL after treatment has settled to join regular sport classes.

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  • I fully agree with you over exercise, in Bristol where I am I'm taking part in Energise which is a cancer rehab exercise scheme, it's supposed to last 12 weeks but 2 years on I'm still utilising it, stay strong, fit and healthy xxx

  • Well done

  • Evening ladies, I'm an exercise convert, I'm 35 and busy mum, part time job, running a home etc...like most, so I assumed I was fairly fit as always on the go but in January, 5 months after diagnosis I joined a life after cancer program at my local leisure centre, also 12 weeks initially but I've now joined as a full blown member and I go a couple of times a week for an hour each time and at the beginning I realized how unfit I actually was, panting heavily after a few mins jog on a treadmill, 6 months on I've noticed a huge change in my fitness and energy levels, I actually feel better than I have in years and this is on the back of chemo ended last November, I'm on tamoxifen and don't ache with it and I'm still on herceptin injections.

    90 minutes of exercise a week is advised to help in the battle against a recurrence, it's hard to get the motivation sometimes but if I miss sessions at the gym my stress levels are elevated, I'm missing all those endorphins!!

  • So true excercise is the best drug following all my treatment and taking up healthy eating and a regular excercise routine I have lost 5 stone and now maintaining my perfect weight feel so much better and confident how I look

  • Onwards and upwards girls as exercise has loads of benefits for all kinds of health. Find the kind that suits you best and then you feel more like sticking with it even when you don't feel like going!

  • Hi, I'm also over one year past chemo, had breast recon in March, been going to gym, and doing spinning and metafit as much as I can, when I can, and it does help, I also have joint pain etc, and feel old , I'm a slim active 50 year old .

    But you do have to push yourself, but it does help and makes you feel better x

  • I know how you feel about the aching joints etc. I've found that swimming really helps both mentally and physically especially as I suffer from lymphoedema on the affected side x

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