Rib pain months after radiotherapy

Evening all, just wondering whether anyone else has/is experiencing any random pains, I say random but think entirely related to radiotherapy. On my right side, mastectomy side, I've been getting discomfort when stretching at bottom of ribs, there's nothing to see, no marks or swelling.

Any shared experiences greatly appreciated, little doubting voice just popping up every now and then!

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  • Hi I had a bilateral mastectomy in January, I am currently undergoing radiotherapy and do get rib pain when stretching, however J have out this down to the muscle tightening as its knitting - I'm having radiotherapy to the left but this darting pain when stretching occurs on both sides. However Im not 100% sure but can radiotherapy weaken the bones? I have 8 sessions completed only 17 more to go 😊

  • Thanks for reply, yes I was just reading about possible thinning of the bones! Oh the joys. All the best with rest of your radiotherapy x

  • I did have 15 sessions of radiotherpy & yes I to experienced pain & panicked in my head but this has gone now, I've had my 1st clear mamagrame so onwards. 😘

  • When I had radio 6 yrs ago they warned me that rib pain and possibility of fractures would be common for 10 yrs post treatment and I had to sign a form acknowledging this , and yes still getting it .....

  • I had radiotherapy 5 yrs ago after lumpectomy. Did have stabbing pains on and off in the area radiated. Recently had more radiotherapy on my neck area (same side) and I now get pains frequently but especially on stretching. The areas radiated always feel uncomfortable. Hopefully they will wear off in time but not sure. I am due a scan next week and then results on July 6th so will mention it then xx

  • Hi Cazlav I had a lumpectomy then 15 radio in January and was told I may get some rib pain on the affected left side. I did get some odd aches after about day 7 of radio and I put it down to this. I still get a few aches on that side particularly if I sleep on my left side it can wake me up and then takes a while to settle. Hope this helps xx

  • Yes, exactly the same but was told it is scar tissue and needs stretching so I do the ones given to me post mastectomy and it works after about two weeks, stick with it.


  • Thanks for all your responses, this all sounds familiar so puts my mind at ease. I'm still moisturising the whole area and do exercises so hope it will ease soon x

  • I had 15 rounds of radiotherapy which finished in February and I've been suffering with right sided pain in my back.I want to stretch but find it hard. im now on tramadol and morphine tablets.my doctor said radiotherapy damages the nerve endings. They never tell you this when your going through treatment.

  • I had a mastectomy 4 years ago and still have pains along ribs, at times stinging and boring when I am physically active or even sleep on it. It is nagging and nasty pain and brings tears to my eyes when it wears on. It is not to be taken lightly because it minimizes my quality of life. My oncologist prescribed Oxycodone 5mg and I take 1/2 pill when needed. It helps ...and I never use more, so obviously I have not developed an addiction after the past four years since I have always been very aware of the danger of that. I hope you'll get some relief from your doctor and if you are like me, you too will never abuse those meds. But it makes such a difference.

  • Yes - I have a lot of post mastectomy pain - had a double mastectomy on 9-April - then radiotherapy - 23 sessions done 3 to go. Still on pain meds lyrica; oxycodon and targin. All the advice is try to minimise the opiates - so once radio finished I will hopefully move on to pain patches and acupuncture... And physiotherapy is helping a lot too.....

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