Gall bladder Problems

Have any of you who have had Brest cancer and been treated with AC chemo and radiotherapy , gone on to have gall bladder problems? 

I've had a couple of episodes of severe pain now and I was at my gp who thinks that's what it might be . I've to book a scan , God knows how long that will take in the Irish health system at the moment . My gp also told me that of the paid Comes again to go straight to A&E 

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  • If the pain comes again !! Sorry my phone autocorrects incorrectly 😊

  • Oh Lordy Valerie I hope not. I had finished AC about tree weeks ago and started CMF yesterday - gall bladder problems are the last thing we need. Do you know who you have been referred to? My husband went through all that recently and not only ended up having his gall bladder removed, but went on to develop crohns and had part of his intestine removed too. Thankfully it is all sorted out now but he was in bad pain before hand. He had gallbladder remove in St Michaels in Dunlaoghaire and intestine in St. Vincents. Both in Mr Hoti's Clinic. I rang up and asked if he could be put on a cancellation list as he was in such agony and hospitalised a number of times with it. Good luck hon I hope it is sorted soon xx

  • I haven't been referred yet Lainey. I've a letter for X-ray to have a scan and I suppose the outcome of that will decide . There's a long wait in James at the moment for scans. I'm going to bring the letter down myself on Monday and take it from there . I'm ok now , but did get a bit of a fright the other day . I will ring my oncologists secretary on Thursday ( only day I can her) and see if they can do something for me :)

  • Good luck with that Valerie. I had a call from James's today, I'm going for the prep scan for radiotherapy there in Wednesday. But was told that although I will be staying in the lodge in Luke's, my radiotherapy will be in James's 🙄🙄 so that means from Luke's to Vincents for chemo and from Vincents to James fir radiotherapy then back to Luke's for the night??? That doesn't make sense to me 😞

  • That's mad Lainey! I suppose it's a space thing . St Lukes in James is amazing ! I had 6 weeks of radiotherapy there last sept . The planning scan is simple , the tattoos are a tiny sting ( nothing to us) the radiotherapy is a walk in the park compared to chemo and surgery , I did get tired though, the staff are all so so nice , I actually enjoyed that part of it , it was lovely to meet such nice people every day .

  • Ah Thanks Valerie, you have honestly put me more at ease. I was worried as I have never been to St. James's hospital. I will be staying in the lodge in St. Luke's, as I will also be attending Vincents for the CMF chemo. I think that Luke's transport you to all appointments but I will check that out in Wednesday. Thanks for your post. I actually feel better about going now :)

  • It's a separate building on the site of st James , Lainey ,it's st Luke's hospital and it's like going into a different world , even the waiting area is calm and peaceful . One of the days there was a 30 min delay for my treatment and they were so apologetic . You will have no problems . Just be sure to only use simple soap throughout your treatment and don't use any deodorant . Plenty of aqueas cream after treatment to prevent drying of the skin . I did all that and thankfully did not suffer and skin burning . It got a little uncomfortable towards the end of treatment but not too bad at all .

    I've to pop down to James on mon with a letter for my scan 😀

  • Thank you so much Valerie. It's my appointment on Wednesday. I will set the satnav as I haven't a clue where I am going. Do you think I will be ok to drive after my radiotherapy preparation or would it be wiser to ask for someone to take me?

  • You will be grand for driving Lainey :) but it would be nice for you to have someone with you because your also having chemo , I was 2 weeks post chemo

    When I had my planning scan and I walked there and back , but it's 25 mins each way . Oh it's great that your nearing the end . I'm only starting to get my mojo back now ! 8 months later !!

  • It is a very long road isn't it. Im 8 months into treatment now. Double mastectomy included. This is my third lot of chemo. I just hope this does the trick 😳

  • Everything crossed

    Lainey 😊

  • My nightmare started in Jan 2015 , found a lump and finished treatmentend of September . Meant to say I went to the Irish cancer society conference last year in the aviva stadium . It's free and it's in September . There were great talks on post treatmentand life after cancer . I might actually put a post up about it. I found it great :)

  • Hi Valerie. I developed gallstones after treatment but I never made any connection between the two. The pain of trying to pass one is indescribable so you have all my sympathy. Hope you get your scan soon. Take care.

  • Thanks rays wife xx

  • Hi there

    Yes my friend ended up havin her gall bladder out a few years after all her treatments finished

    I had a lot of stomach pains and still do but not on gall bladder side i think the chemo plays havoc with bowels n stomach i was so bloated i was like a sumo wrestler and ive got issues ever since but learning to manage them

    Avoid fatty food if u think its gall bladder or try some fatty food n if u get pain its likely to be it

    Drink plenty of water

  • Thanks nicholjak, my diet is very good , I don't really eat fatty food and I don't drink really , a very occasional one . I did develop chronic reflux during chemo and I was medicated for that and it sorted itself out . I'll just have to wait and see .

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