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To all my lovely friends out there thank you for your continued support especially yesterday. I'm very pleased to say that the Radiologist has discharged me this morning. She gave me full examination and listened to my chest and proclaimed me fit. Have to go back once a year for next 5 and being referred back to my local hospital for monitoring. Was able to post my "Golden Ticket" at the reception on the way out. She did however give me food for thought and asked if I'd considered having my ovaries out to further reduce the risk then I can change from the tamoxifen to something else as the facial rash I've had since starting it is spreading to my neck. It would mean going cold turkey overnight with the menopause. Any thoughts please ladies? Xx

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  • Brilliant news, so pleased for you, I think i hear a glass of wine calling out to be drunk, enjoy xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Jennymary it's in the fridge cooling ready as I write! Good health 🍷🍷 xx

  • I had some good news today went back to doctors cos I couldn't feel any lumps she confirmed there's no lumps in my breast and said I can cancel my appointment for breast clinic and because I had a ca125 test 4months ago she said it would have shown up on that blood test I'm so relieved xxxxx

  • That's brilliant news Morijen just the sort we need to hear. We can beat this because we are strong xx

  • That's good to hear, stay well xxxx

  • Thanks Jennymary you too xxx

  • Great news🍾 🎉xB

  • Fantastic news!!

  • 'Golden Ticket' 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

    I actually worry about my ovaries because I know I have adhesions around them.  You must be torn with this current option 🤔  When you get to 'our age' any facial rashes are usually a dim and distant memory, it must be very tempting to consider ruling this out.  I'm already through menopause, my last period was 2004 (54).  Personally, I think if you haven't any other medical condition to contend with that 'cold turkey menopause'  would  seriously impact,  I would go for it.  🙂xB

  • Thanks Wooblybee. It's a hard decision to make, I'm 53 but showing no signs of the menopause yet 😩 So it really would be cold turkey and then there's the increased risk of osteoporosis when I already have a start of it due to years of steroids for my asthma. Could do with a crystal ball! Xx

  • Hi, great news on your discharge enjoy your glass of wine xx

    InIn regards to your ovaries, I'm 36 and had left sided mastectomy, I'm also considering having the right sided mastectomy and ovaries removed after my chemo has finished, i personally would go for the surgery, menopause is something we all have to go through eventually and if it helps with other side effects then bonus.!

    I wish you well xxx

  • Thank you Sandy that makes a lot of sense. Oddly enough I had already considered having my ovaries out but now it's suggested I feel a bit shocked by it. She did say i didn't make my mind up yet but to take some time weighing it up. Good health to you xx

  • Brilliant news Mell I'm so pleased for you xx

  • Thanks Batey and I hope all goes well with the radio xx

  • Brilliant news Mell I'm so pleased for you xx 

  • Cheers Mel 🍷🍹🍸here's to your brilliant news !!! Regarding your ovaries ....not sure how old you are, but if the hospital suggested having them removed then maybe it's for the best. I'm sure you'll weigh up what's right for you.personally I love not having periods it goes a long way to compensate for all the s##t we have to go through on this cancer journey we're all on. Wishing you all the good things hun ✊💞xxx

  • Thanks Janny, I've had a lifetime of misery with my periods ever since a bad C Section 27 yrs ago and last year fibroids so I will not be missing them! It's just the thought of going cold turkey overnight with the menopause that's making me dither a bit. Just need to get my head in the right place and pick the brain of my favourite gynaecologist at work! Good health to you 🍷 Xx

  • Good luck Mell hope you,ll be one of the lucky ones and not suffer too much with the tropicals .😀✊💞xx

  • Thanks Janny xx

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