Waiting over!!!


Well after being diagnosed on 10/02/16 having wide excision and biopsies on 25/02/16 I had my appointment with the consultant today for my results ..........

Op successful in that all cancer has been excised

Lymph nodes clear

Radiotherapy starts after bone density scan - 15 treatments

Start anastrazole for 5years.

I can't believe how lucky I have been to have such caring people fighting for me and supporting me.

After hearing all of your successes I'm sure I can be as strong as you all are.

I'm joining you all by going with the flow......................

Will see how I go.

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  • Great news.....x

  • That's good news,and good luck.Xx

  • Good luck, keep strong and be positive x

  • That's good to hear, I wish you well x

  • Amazing news, onwards and upwards x

  • That's wonderful news. Congratulations. Radiotherapy is quite straightforward. They will tattoo some dots on you, and you have to lie completely still for 10 minutes each session. Just Moisturise thoroughly with E45 lotion 2-3 times a day, before during and after the treatment x

  • I was told by my radiologist not to use moisturiser ask them first. Plastic surgeon said moisturise several times a day but radiologist said no

  • You can't use anything scented, but you have to moisturise with either E45 or aloe vera - something natural. If you leave your skin dry, it is highly likely to burn, blister and peel.

  • Well done that is great news to hear. Keep me updated on the radiotherapy, I have 2 more of this A & C chemo, so that's 4 weeks, then I have a five week break and 25 sessions of chemo with CMF chemo on day 1 and on day 8. Good luck I'm delighted for you xx

  • Will do lainey. Thinking of you. :)

  • Sorry that should be 25 sessions of radiotherapy, lol xx

  • great news. i take it your cancer was grade one so you caught it early. radiotherapy is painless.. its just a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes. it does make you tired going to the hospital so many times. make sure you use factor 50 sunscreen in your chest once its over. you can get it on prescription.

    good luck .

  • Hi Elaine,

    It's great news for me. My cancer was graded as a two, so I'm extremely lucky. Thanks for caring enough to reply. You take care too. M

  • Is E45 good for it too - unperfumed?

  • Good luck keep up the good work

  • With a lot help from friends! :)

  • Fab news x

  • Thank you. Good health to you. M

  • Good luck with the treatment. You caught it early. You don't know how lucky you are that the lymph nodes are clear of cancer as once they're taken out, lymphoedema is around the corner and it's a problem for life, so well done!

    How did you discover the BC?

  • Hi,

    Routine mammogram, not palpable. Ultra scan and biopsy, then wide excision plus two nodes for sampling. All from 22nd January to yesterday. My consultant was quick to get things moving. Extremely lucky and thankful.

    Thanks for caring.

  • That's fantastic news xxxx The waiting is the worst! !! I was lucky with radiotherapy, no complications, I took seaweed tabs, supposed to help? Lots of simple moisturising. It's a pain having to go every day and the actual treatment is very quick but lol not complaining! Take care! Here's to the rest of your life xxxxxx

  • Thank you.... M

  • That's great news I had the same as you but had to have 2nd op just to take bit more tissue but consultant hopeful it will be clear.Iv got to have radiotherapy as well in about 6 wks.Get my results on 24th

  • Waiting is definitely the worst.....

    Good luck for the 24th. You're in my prayers too. M

  • Fab news. Make sure you get plenty of rest while having radio and after as it is tiring. Good health 😃

  • Thank you and good health to you too. M

  • Great news ! We are the lucky ones stay strong stay positive✊ xxx

  • Will do janny! M

  • Keep strong & you will get through this, mine is 12 months this week since opp been back at work 5months, had 1st mamagrame on Monday it was all clear so onwards & upwards. Good luck with radiotherpy I don't know if this is any use to you I used Alo Vera gel from holland & barrel it stop my skin from burning & the scars healed lovely. 😘

  • Well done so happy for you keep well x

  • You have been very brave , I hope your recovery dsnt take long ! 😃 better times ahead stay possitive ! Kate ..x

  • Wonderful news . Keep positive xxxx

  • Excellent news, just going with the flow then taking your time will do the job. All the best xx

  • I am the same as you but my oncologist has asked me to do the oncotype DX test which I have agreed to even though my result was only 2% that chemo would stop cancer comming back and 98% survival in 10 year's.

    I think because the government has authorised this breakthrough diagnosis as to whether chemo is needed oncologists are using it to OUR advantage x

  • Glad all is going well for you. I can't help but get frustrated when reading others stories and how quick operations were carried out after diagnosis. I was diagnosed Christmas Eve and was told my operation would be within 4/6 weeks. I had to fight daily to get my mastectomy carried out in 4 weeks and in those 4 weeks it had grown another cm and spread from one lymph to 4. But I must say the onocology dept. of the same hospital are out of this world with slotting people in. Thanks for listening to my rant xx

  • I had an allergic reaction to E45 ! A lady who finished her treatment before Christmas told me she had used wheat grass cream that worked really well and is recommend for radiotherapy use so I am giving it a go. Will let you all know how I get on as I start my radiotherapy on 30th March. I have just raised £500 for the breast unit (Bingo night) as I feel so grateful for how I was looked after😀 also I think it helped me to come to terms with it all.

    Happy Easter to you all xxx

  • Hi, been told that Aveno wheat/oat based crem is good too

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