Stage 4 recurrence

Hi everyone. I wondered if there is anyone else out there with secondary bc. I was re diagnosed April 2013. I've had radiotherapy and now just taking anastrazole and keeping really well. I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe/accept that I do have this nasty disease. So far I'm not debilitated in anyway. Hope this helps anyone else out there.

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  • Hi there thank you for sharing your story and for being honest and positive x can I ask when did you have your first breast cancer ? Don't think that I am being intrusive xxx

  • Not intrusive at all :)). I was diagnosed first time 2006 and had all the usual treatment then 7 yrs later the bastard was back 😢

  • Hi, I imagine that you have your bone density checked every two years or so because of anastrozole.

    Wishing you all the best in continuing to keep well!

  • Thanks I am due a scan in the next few months.

  • Keep doing weight-bearing exercises. They should help in keeping the bone density in check.

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