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Recurrent DCIS

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Hi all

I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy about eight years ago to deal with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) it has now recurred, what an absolute pain.

I’ve had a mammogram and ultrasound and the radiologist thinks I will need surgery. I won’t know for sure until next Wednesday. But in my experience radiologists know their stuff.

The logical part of my brain says that as I have had three operations altogether on this breast (first one in 2003 to remove a papillary) followed by 2 operations in 2014, this time the answer may well be a mastectomy.

I am one of those people who likes to read everything I possibly can in advance of seeing a surgeon so I have all the questions ready in my head.

I’m trying to get my head around now is breast reconstruction. If anyone can share anything with me, as to whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

11 Replies
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Sorry to hear about a recurrence of your previous breast cancer…what a bummer and yes, after all that time.

I can t give you any info around breast reconstruction etc AND I do think it is of uttermost importance you obtain any info available so you can make an informed choice regarding the options you have in this matter.

This is your life ,this is your breast, ultimately you are in charge,

Some of us also ask for a second opinion to help us make the right choices for us.

With kindness .

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What a nasty surprise. I had a total mastectomy eight years ago and am happy with my prosthesis and special bras.A friend of mine had reconstruction and was happy with it. Another friend had reconstruction and found it very difficult to cope with the reconstruction operation itself and the aftermath (though she wasn’t specific about why this was).

Not a helpful reply!

I think a chat with your breast cancer nurse, or a nurse at one of the specialist charities, might be the answer. Or, there may be a local breast cancer charity in your area where volunteers who have gone through it all are available.

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Very sorry to hear your news. You might like to investigate Braxon implants, where the implant is placed above the muscle. To quote: "Braxon® is a pre-shaped porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) designed to completely enclose the breast implant prior to fixation on top of the intact pectoralis major muscle." I had this after a double mastectomy and found I had virtually no pain, well no pain really, and an easy recovery. I have a small amount of rippling of the skin on one breast but I'm delighted with the result - 4 years on now.

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Thank you- I will look it up

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I'm so sorry you have to face this decision. Big hugs. There are so many options with reconstruction. A couple questions I had to answer for my self, am I going to be okay looking at myself and my breasts not be there? If I opt for reconstruction what do I prefer and will that option require multiple surgeries? For myself I opted for reconstruction with saline implants. The pros for me were, they could do the reconstruction the same surgery as the mastectomy. For me that was the right choice. I have a friend that did the tissue expanders with implants. The process is uncomfortable and requires a second surgery but for them the outcome was great and what they wanted (they previously has saline implant on one side and. Hated it). Another friend did the diep flap reconstruction. She's said it took some getting use to and they don't really look like boobs but in the end was happy with her choice. This option she said was about 12 surgeries in all. Another friend wanted implants but her body kept rejecting them. In the end she had to get the prosthetic bra and had learned to embrace it. Each had its own risks and benefits.

The risk for my implants was if it created a blood flow issue when placed (they check this during surgery) I would have had to do tissue expanders.

Another thing to consider is your age and where your at in life. For the examples provided the ages range from 36 to upper 60s. I hope this helped on some level. Best wishes. You know yourself and will make the right decision for you. Big hugs

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RestlessMe in reply to Warrio

Thank you for all the replies. I have decided against a reconstruction. I am 66 and it is a far bigger operation than just having a mastectomy. Seeing the surgeon in September.

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Warrio in reply to RestlessMe

Best wishes. Keep looking for the bright spots. Build and keep your support system close and active. Big hugs

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So confirmed, grade 2 cancer in my left breast. It hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes thank goodness. I need a mastectomy , which I’d expected and see the surgeon early September. Thank you for all your messages of support

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God speed in your journey🙏🏻 I too am 8 years out after a lumpectomy and SAVI-radiation. So I will follow your journey as I always never rest easy on the day of my mammogram. During your 8 years did you ever get or request a sonogram or MRI? How was your reoccurrence discovered? Thanks !

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RestlessMe in reply to Jhnard

Hi, I had the five-year all clear. And then the first mammogram three years later they discovered two more growths.These have since proved to be cancerous. I’ve had an MRI and a CT scan, and have to have a mastectomy.

It’s so important to go for regular mammograms.

The chances of recurrence of fairly low, so fingers crossed you will be fine.

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I had breast reconstruction and I’m glad I did. Not because I needed to but because of how it made me feel. They used my stomach fat and skin after my mastectomy. It was a hard surgery but well worth it!!!

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