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Introducing myself

Hi I'm Ev and on 17th March 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast.In April I started 6 rounds of chemotherapy every 3 weeks,it was ok until I got to chemo number 4 then I couldn't walk my whole body hurt so much.My feet were blistered and peeling so found it very uncomfortable but I finished chemotherapy and then all my fingernails fell off.

I had surgery in October had my lymph nodes removed and a mastectomy.My surgeon told me end of October he had got rid of the cancer and I didn't need radiotherapy,I was triple negative breast cancer.I am waiting for my date for my reconstruction now xxx

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Hi there Ev :) sounds so like my own situation. Finger nails are currently lifting. They stopped my chemo after three sessions, I suffered an anaphylaxic reaction after the second one then became Neutropenic after the third - no immune system and white cells were not regenerating. Surgery was brought forward and 7 weeks ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy. I'm not going for reconstruction. Today i find out if I have to go through more chemo (apparently the tumors had not shrunk significantly and there were more lymph nodes infected than they thought. So it was being discussed that further chemo may be needed in order to kill off rogue cells that may have travelled. On Thursday I meet the radiologist where my treatment there will be arranged (25 sessions) I was stage two of triple negative breast cancer... You are all coming with me to my appointment today in my pocket. 😁 I love this site it's so supportive. Take care Ev keep strong, we will beat this. X


Hi Thankyou for replying yes we will beat this and I will be with you every step of the way in your pocket and heart.

You are very brave and strong and can do whatever this throws at you.

All of my fingernails fell off I just kept plasters on them but now I have beautiful new nails it's just my toenails now.I can't feel my toes I haven't been able to since I started chemotherapy it's very strange telling people that as they don't understand.

I'm really glad I found this group and a new friend today.

Good luck hunny remember I'm in your pocket xxx


Thank you Ev. I don't have any feeling in my toes either and nails are looking rather dodgy there too. Thank you for your support. I too am delighted that I joined this site. It's great to know that someone else knows exactly what I'm talking about and feeling. :) x


Wishing you well hun we,re all rooting for you x


Very good luck xx


One thing about this site is that we all understand. We might all be at different stages in our treatment and recovery but it's so nice to be able to chat and support each other. Take care and keep in touch 😘


I am tripple neg too. I am coming up on round 4 of chemo every 2 weeks. Then I will go every week for 12 weeks. The last one was bad for me but I am staying positive. Stay strong.

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Well done you've had quite a year by all accounts. Good luck with the reconstruction it's quite a big job I believe.


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