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Hi I'm 48 years old and have breast cancer.I just had surgery on the 9th.I have a horrible history of cancer in my I'm pretty scared.But I'm trying to be strong.I'm not sure when yet but I have to have radiation therapy soon.just 20 days of it.and I'm very worried about doing that.I also feel guilty about losing my only sibling in April 2014 to cancer.we had no idea he had it and we lost him in about a 5 week period.I just don't know why I'm being spared and he wasn't.I also have skin cancer on my nose to.I've had 2 procedures on that.we still won't know until the 15th if it's gone or not.well thanks for letting me share my story.I would really like to hear what some of you think about it.again thanks for listening

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Hi dawn you are definitely been put through it and tested,must be very hard with everything else you have been through, the one thing I can help you with is the radiotherapy just to say it was fine ,just felt tired from the daily travel used E 45 cream every day and washed in the aqueous cream they advised and no skin problems

There's a reason you are still here!!

keep up the fight stay strong and positive not just for you but for others

Take each day as it comes

Hope it goes well for you

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Well put x

You are having a tough time of it and I am sorry to hear about your sibling, that was harsh but please don't feel guilty, just remember the love you shared. You will be able to deal with the radiotherapy I am sure, as the post below says just take care of the skin well between treatments as it is essentially like sunburn. Remember you are here for a reason xx


I have just fought breast cancer. Found lump February 2015. Had lumpectomy which was contained and 1 lymph node removed which was isolated. Had 6 sessions of chemo and 19 radiotherapy. Both treatments I had no side effects to complain about.

Chemo had next to nothing and radiotherapy I only had a slight skin irritation during my 4 boosts. Was given diprobase to use. Am back at work, returned to work 6 weeks after treatment finished. Feeling a bit tired past 2 weeks but think it's probably more to do with ibandronate meds as tiredness is a side effect.

I am sure you will be fine, taking care and advice with your skin will help. I am so lucky to have had a good experience, if that's even possible. Being positive helps for all I never thought I was a positive person, you develop an inner strength from somewhere and that I was truly grateful for.

Be strong Dawn. I have came through this and sure you will. Like I said this all began one year ago and can honestly say it was quickest year of my life. I blinked and was back at work before I knew it. X

Hi there, I'm 49 and had my double mastectomy seven weeks ago. I also had lymph nodes removed. We don't have any history of cancer in our family, but the pain and worry it causes to others makes you feel guilty. However, you must try to fight that guilt, you didn't give your sibling cancer, nor did you dictate what type of cancer it would be or whether he would or would not survive. You need to try to develop a strong, fighting and positive attitude for your own survival. Think of how your sibling would want you to fight it. I can understand your feelings of guilt, I feel similar when I look at my family - parents, siblings, husband and children. When they struggle to remain composed - as I said, seeing them hurting and afraid makes me feel guilty for getting cancer, but it also makes me more determined to beat it. You never asked for cancer, neither did I. We are unlucky to have developed it. Here is to us, that we will he lucky to beat it. Stay strong and positive, any guilt and negativity will drag you down and hinder your ability to get rid of it. Good luck, here if you ever need a shoulder xx

Tracey06 in reply to Lainey66

Hi. I'm 44 and had a mastectomy in October. I too felt really guilty for putting my family through the pain. We had lost two family members the year before, and we're still grieving for them. I think it was harder for them, as I knew I was going to be ok. I have a fab hubby and gorgeous 6 year old daughter that I can't lose, so I knew I was going to be fine... I had the mastectomy/reconstruction and 2 lymph nodes which thankfully came back clear so I don't need any further treatment apart from tamoxifen, which is fantastic. I just need to heal now, I had a bit of a setback as I developed fat nucrosis where the blood supply didn't take and ended up back in theatre.. But I'm getting better each day and feel incredibly lucky..

I think we tend to feel guilt because we think of and care for others.. good luck. Xxx

dawn48 in reply to Lainey66

It really sounds like you have had a serious struggle your self I really appreciate your kind words and your story that you have shared with me.I know your right and I have been a very independent woman all of my life.and I really need to remember that right now.there is just so much involved with this fight that I don't know where to start this fight.But I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children and 4, almost 5 grandchildren that I love and want to be with so I've got too get a grip on this and really begin to be healthy and strong for myself and them.again I thank you.God bless

Hi I'm 49 had right breast removed 23 December after three operations. From August to December of worrying. I start radio theropy in 29 February . I have had pain from the nerves healing but there is so much more information from research always updating . I was put on oncotypeDX course where they send your cancerous tisue to America to determine if chemo is needed. Thank god I don't need chemo just 15 sessions of radio. Also the usual drugs for next five years. I to have lost a lot of family these last few years through cancer. It has made things more important in life and I will be living it to the full. For all the freinds and family not here anymore. If you need to talk I'm a good listener x

I was diagnosed last May with breast cancer, two ops, chemo and radiotherapy therapy later I am still fighting. I lost my mum to cancer when she was my age and also have a lot of cancer in the family. It is a very scary, lonely time but we do still have to keep brave and positive. Take care and keep going x

Lainey66 in reply to Rattyp

It is a long and lonely Road that's for sure. But whenever you feel lonely or afraid chat on here because we all know just how you are feeling, and I'm sure I speak for most on here when I say that, although we may be strangers, I and many others on here with be here to listen and share with you. xx stay strong hon

dawn48 in reply to Lainey66

Thank you so much for your kindness.I go to see the surgeon tomorrow.I had my surgery the 9th.I'm thinking they will check the incision.and I'm not sure what else.then the 22nd back to the oncologist to start hormone treatments.and then the radiation.that scares me a little bit but I should be fine.I did get good news Monday all the cancer in my nose is gone so I'm happy about that.prayers coming your way.bye for now

Thanks for really is helpful to be able to hear other people's story's.and to not fill so alone in this fight that we all are going through or have been through.I'm glad your doing well.keep up the good fight.when I feel really upset I call my grandson Landon.him and I talk for quite some time on the phone.he is 8 already.and he just makes my day.he has no idea what is going on because I don't want him to worry.he somehow over heard someone say I was having surgery and he told me today that he was getting worried about I just told him that I had something on my nose that the sun caused and the Dr took it off and that I'm doing great.and I told him to not be in the sun any more without sunblock.and he said he wouldn't.and then we moved on.he's super smart and loves to read.and he's on a high school level of I'm sure he will figure it out.and we will discuss this again lol.But any way again thanks for lending an ear.God bless you on your journey

That is my biggest fear.I have really sensitive skin but they say they have creams so hopefully I'll do just fine.thank you for your time.Your to kind.

Mell in reply to dawn48

Hi Dawn I've got really fair skin so my biggest fear was a skin reaction from the radio. I had 15 sessions and after 7 I noticed my breast was quite pink immediately after treatment and also very hot! It was no worse than a bad sunburn but I did get some blistering under my armpit and my nipple which was really sore. Can't stress how important it is to moisturise, I used Superdrug Aqueous Cream very cooling. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

dawn48 in reply to Mell

Thank you for sharing I appreciate the heads up because I'm clueless about any info I can get from someone who has been through it already.Is great and appreciated.Thanks again take care.:-)

I wish I knew the reason.But it's not meant for us to know.But thank you for your time.stay blessed.

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