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Hello, I was looking for some advice? My sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently waiting for a lumpectomy. She has a dull ache in her shoulder - she has had this when the doctor initially touched the lump/when she had the needle biopsies and also on and off since mammogram. Has anyone experienced a dull ache linked to breast cancer?

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hi there,

I've just been through this myself and am about to start my radiotherapy treatment hopefully next week. I go tomorrow to be 'prepared'!

Your question is of interest as I have had a lot of pain in my shoulder and assumed this was just athritis and the dreaded old 'wear & tear but reading your post has made me wonder if in fact this pain has been related to mt breast cancer. Is the pain in the shoulder on the side where the BC is by any chance?

Will be interested to see if indeed there is any connection.

tell your sister all the best for the surgery.


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My best advice is to seek the advice of the oncologist or someone on that team. I had a tingling in the chest area above the lump.

Further investigation may be necessary. Has she told a medical person?

Hope all goes well for your sister.

Kind Regards,


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Each case is different, just as each treatment is different. I felt no pain, yet mine was aggressive. A friend with identical symptoms at about the same time needed only a lumpectomy and radiation. So no two cases are alike.

Bottom line: Do your monthly self exams and investigate ANY changes or unusual sore spots. Early detection is crucial.


Hi.. I was like you to.. No pain just an ache.. Found out it was aggressive so had chemo and a mastectomy, and just finished radiotherapy, still on chemo every 3 weeks till may.. Everyone is different so get any signs checked..😃

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Am with you all on the 'get checking' thing.

I do still check even though i'm now past the 'monthly' thing and this breast cancer hit me totally out of the blue as it were.

I'll forever be on my soapbox now telling every woman the check regularly. This is not the journey anyone wants to be on. I start my radiotherapy next Thursday and hope things will improve after that in as much as getting back to 'normal' and getting back to work. I'm on Tamoxifen for 10 years and thats having a bit of a wobble settling in and I do have AF so all in all, i'm definately not at my best.

Stay brave everyone!

Blue x

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i have had breast cancer and 20 months on after several treatments would like to say that once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer it is easy to link any ache or pain to cancer. your sister may just have a dull ache because of other reasons. i had needle biopsies too and it is not a comfortable procedure. please advise your sister to see her GP if worried but i tried reiki healing and massage that really helped me to relax. good luck.


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