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Hello ladies (and gents) I just came on this site and thought I would say hello 😛.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010, six months after my mum died of cancer. Well after chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy I have enjoyed four years of being in remission. In May this year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in the left lung. Oncologist said treatable but not curable, yikes, but he explained I could live with this for many years. I woukd say to anyone going through this horrible disease enjoy your life, take one day at a time, take all the help you can and never give up.

I hope you all come through your cancer journey do so with my best wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery.

Bye for now 💞 xx

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  • Hi, love and hugs coming to you from me, I've been clear if cancer for 2 years, and hopefully will be for many years. Look after yourself x

  • Well done and hope you will be clear for a good many years to come. You take care of yourself too and love and hugs back xxx

  • Good luck in the journey you're going to start now. They say that radiation, as treatment after breast cancer, can bring about this kind of problem. I hope you'll manage to beat it; try to be positive and stress free.

    Hugs from me too!

  • Hi Lainey3615,

    How did they discover your lung cancer? I presume is on the same side where your breast cancer was located?

    All the best!

  • Hi Rebec

    I discovered the lung cancer as I had been feeling breathless and coughing quite a lot. Surgeon sent me for a broncoscopy following a CT Scan which showed a shadow on my left lung, confirmed as Metastatic Cancer following the scope.

    My mastectomy was right sided and tumour us on the left lung.

    Will be fighting this one all the way. As they say onwards and upwards.

    Regards and hugs Elaine xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. Trying to find out if one should stop having mammograms and opt for thermography although it shows different things.

    I also wonder whether you took Tamoxifen for four yearsor Anastrozole. Also did you eat a lot of dairy and/or red meat.

    After your answer, I'll tell you the reason for the questions.

  • My surgeon has stopped requesting mammograms for me, no explanation, but I am due to see him next month so will be asking why.

    I was on Tamoxifen for 4.5 years and Oncologist changed me from Tamoxifen to Letrozole. Seemingly the Tamoxifen was no longer working and that is why the tumour had started growing. I am due a CTCScan in the next two weeks to see how the tumour is reacting to the Letrozole.

    I was not eating lots of red meat, tried to stick to more chicken and turkey instead but not really a big meat fan. Dairy, I had actually cut down on cheese, milk and dairy products.

    Hope this helps Rebec xxx

  • Thanks for answering my queries. I thought you ate a lot of red meat and lots of dairy products as I would have said that growth hormones could have been to blame. I hope that you'll find out that letrazole is reducing the size of the tumour.

    Keep us informed with how your treatment is going.

    Good luck with the CT scan.


  • During my treatments, I met several lung cancer survivors. A good friend just finished her treatments, and her prognosis is good. Wishing you a full recovery.

  • Just to say hi and also for all of us to remermber to live life to the full as a friend of mine has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer (picked up after she thought she had pulled a muscle near a rib) in a couple of bone sites........ more than 15 years since original primary breast cancer.

  • Sending you and your friend huge hugs and love xxx

  • Where did your friend's cancer is now? A friend of mine discovered, after 14 years being clear of breast cancer, one cancer in her other breast, and colon cancer as well, not connected, and managed to fight them both very successfully. Wishing courage toyour friend. Optimism will help a lot.

    Sending many hugs!

  • Aww, sending you positive thoughts.

    I'm going in for a second surgery on Monday morning and can feel myself getting very wound up again. Been having quite regular AF episodes too lately and am just exhausted.

    My lymph nodes are clear thank goodness but they want to take a bit more of the healthy breast tissue..."just to be sure"

    Am really hoping that will be it and that the 6 weeks can pass after which my radiotherapy can begin.

    This is such an awful time with emotions all over the place but you are right, live every day one at a time.

    I wish you well

    Blue x

  • Hi just wanted to say I hope your surgery goes well on Monday and that you are on the road to a healthy and speedy recovery.

    Wishing you well and let us know how you got on. Huge hugs Elaine xx

  • awww thanku Elaine. :-) xx

  • I, too, was diagnosed in 2010. So happy to read about and share with other survivors like you.

  • Glad to hear of another survivor, well done ❤️ Xx

  • Right Back To You Lainey 3615. God Bless You and Your Family.xxMoira.

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