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Interview - Cancer patients

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My name is Pooja Panchamia and I’m posting here in hopes of setting up a 20-min call to discuss your experience with the cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. I am an autoimmune patient myself, so working on a project that can transform patient care delivery in the US.

For context, I’m a student at UCLA Anderson’s MBA program and I’m working on a master's thesis project to understand better the need for providing infusions from the comfort of home. I'm conducting interviews to inform the project and we need insights from patients, like yourself. I’d love the chance to speak with you about your experience and ask you a couple of questions about your treatment experience, and how it can be improved.

Are you open to a short call this week or next? If so, I’m happy to coordinate the time.

Thank you!


2 Replies
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✋ willing to speak with you.

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Sure I can chat and give insight

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