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Any Canadian getting US treatment?

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I’m in Canada. I can’t have anymore regular rads, I’ve already had it twice. I would love to get proton rads. My MBC is only in my hilar nodes. Anyone from Canada get treatment in the US? I’ve been looking at some H but Mass Gen in Boston didn’t write back. I’ve been suggested ProCure but it’s not an educational affiliated H. I’m going off Ibrance and Letrozole to something else not sure yet. Very disappointed rads can’t just kill this

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In the Uk we have some breast cancer charities that are helpful, such as Macmillan, who might be able to answer this sort of question. Do you have these in Canada?

Hi Dancingdiva,

If you have metastatic breast cancer, you should join SHARE on HealthUnlocked where you may find more information from individuals with common experiences:

SHARE Metastatic Breast Cancer | HealthUnlocked

There are a number of Canadians on SHARE which has 4,879 members and, currently, 5,787 posts.

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