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Statins in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer

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Hi there all. I have read ( Lancet) that the use of statins might be helpful for treating TNBC.

Anybody using statins yet for this purpose prescribed by their consultant?? And how did you go about getting this prescribed. Thanks for answer.

Background: TNBC stage 1 grade 3 , had lumpectomy and so far three rounds of chemo, fast track radiation after that for left breast.

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Hi KasswinkelI am on statins since my chemo ended, however not from my Consultant but from my GP as my cholesterol shot through the roof. I will look further into this and if I find out more I will let you know


Please look up the Care Oncology protocol. Part of that protocol is a statin. They have oncologists that prescribe and have the medications shipped to you.

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Happyrosie in reply to Knom

But I would say DO NOT do this without your own oncologist being involved. Just from reading their website, I’d say these therapies have not gone through rigorous testing against cancer. All therapies have side effects, take care.

I asked my oncologist. Statins not part of the treatment currently AND the oncologist has no problem if I obtain those drugs from my GP. I will there for discuss with GP.

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