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Almost 2 years later and still very sensitive

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Hi everyone

Just a little rant! I am so fed up nearly 2 years since operation (lumpectomy) not spread to lymph nodes am still suffering effects of radiation ribs hurt, skin burn and an just aware of my boob the whole time (not just the incision site) which is sensitive and painful anyone else had this? Does it last forever or eventually go??

On a lighter note I have still kept my weight loss off 26 lbs. For over a year and with my saved fees ( in a money box) I splurged on 2 pairs of shoes plus handbag to match one of them in Russell and Bromleys sale well a girl's got to have nice footwear!, lol

Hugs Diane

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I am two years down the line after having a mastectomy and

it still hurts quite a lot, have had it checked out but nothing shows up on the scans suppose I will just have to put up with it x

I do sympathise with you , have been having the same trouble, I had mammogram follow up which was ok , now boobs are so painfull, apparently it is the problem with radio therapy targeting deep damaging the muscle area, gone to GP which I was told to do by consultant, and now have pain killers it has helped, So don't put up with it , go to your GP.


Have taken pain meds but nothing works ! Had xray and nothing showed get fed up with people say "radiotherapy" likes to keep giving think I have received enough -ROTFL

2nd mammogram 13th Feb. Oh deep joy - last year I collapsed with the pain so really looking forward to that!!!


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