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Good Advice on general brain health strategy and looking after you and your Mind,

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Hi everyone

First post here found this community earlier this afternoon. Posting to Healthy Eating and Mental Health community mainly.

I'd like to offer some advice on keeping your thoughts well and looking after yourself.

It's important in modern society to rebalance your thyroid and adrenal systems (including parts of your brain - the Pineal and so on) through good practise. Dr. John Bergman is an expert on this please look him up on youtube and watch a couple of his presentations. The general strategy is to ensure you avoid toxins and have enough iodine in your diet - probably add a kelp or spirulina supplement to your daily routine. Seaweed / sushi too.

I think this post is going to get huge if I keep going like this so I'll just should out Alien Seas nutrition (check out facebook / google) Probiotic America and that should get you started.

Other things:

-Omega 3 is extremely powerful and good for your nerves. Get a supplement, take it daily, remember oily fish in your diet

-Vitamin D is important and powerful - about 1/2 of people (iirc) have a deficiency - get a supplement and take it

-Various minerals such as Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc are vital. Easiest just to get a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. Personally I take one and also supplement VitD and B12 I don't think it's doing harm.

-B12 is actually amazing (as are all the B vits) it's a trick though it's not particularly well absorbed in the gut the secret is to get a patch (check out ebay) and wear one every month or so. This will certainly help everyone...

-I knew I'd forget something! Pre and pro biotics are very important. Eat non flavoured yoghurt, add fermented foods to your diet, keep your digestive system happy and you'll have a good basis for moving forward (almost - check out the Dr I shouted out earlier for better advice).

-Consider any medications you are taking carefully.

-Dietary: keep up a good diet of organic Veg and strong fruit, but be wary of the sugar content of fruit to some extent. Completely avoid any sugar, whether it be sweets, carbonated drinks, sugary desserts or whatever. It's much better for you. Control your carb intake to the extent you can. Ensure you are getting plenty of healthy protein - you don't have to eat meat for this but I do (I guess!), lentils and so on are good dietary sources.

-Try and avoid processed foods preservatives many strange things are added to food.

-Be traditional in your diet. There are many communities who live longer than average and have commonalities in what they eat. Research this and try and add these healthy items to your diet. I'm still doing this.

-Have some 70% chocolate. Go on, treat yourself.

That should do for now. PM me if you have any questions but I'm not a qualified doctor or neurologist so .. just bear this in mind.

Take care!

EDIT 20 12 2017 I forgot something - Anthocyanins are very important for cell energy. Incorporate some in your diet.

Whole Foods stores are good if you have one nearby (bit too much sweet stuff though) and As Nature Intended is also good.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. I found it useful. X