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Non cancerous tumour


Here is the report of my father.. my father has non cancerous tumor on the left side of brain.. doctor has suggested styroids to him that results in high suger and many other problems but his tumor hasnt increaSed or decreased since 8 months i dont know wat to do ? Does he neef surgery or not ? Can some neurological doctor help me??? Im very dpress???

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I was diagnosed with Several brain tumors. I have had three brain surgeries and 80 radiation treatments to my brain my tumor was located in my cavernous sinus and my left temporal lobe was damage after radiation. I have been fighting for 10 years.

Please contact me any questions you may have. I may be able to help. I am sorry sorry for all you and your family has went through.

All my tumors were mengiomas as well. The last can not be removed.


Oh word Paula you've had a time of it ! I feel for you and hope you get well ......relatively so.

Fatima I hope you get answers for your father - he's lucky to have you fighting his corner !

I'll not bore you with my story, suffice to say I've a benign oligodrendigliomy (biopsy done) so we're just doing MRIs and waiting to see what happens, with several undiagnosed other lesions to wait and watch for too

It's been a long haul ......but there's always someone like yourself Paula who's been through much more so I remain grateful!


Hello , I am sorry for what you are going trough my husband was diagnosed with brain tumour last summer, he has had two sisures that how they find out he has got it now it was a big shock when we find out be cause you never expect but after nearly one year he is now on the waiting list for surgery because he has nothing to loose. My advice is do what you feel in heart :) Take care I hope he gets better x

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