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Mild frontal lobe atrophy

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Hi, I am new to this forum and am posting re ct head scan results and confusion over what the results mean. Im wondering if anyine can help and also what is likely to happen at a memory clinic. So, my gp sent me for a ct scan of the head to see if there were any early signs of dementia. On the follow up appointment 3 days later she briefly told me the outcome. But the appointment was over quick and I dont think I took it in properly. I think she said yes it shows signs and she definitely said the frontal lobes show atrophy and I need to go to the memory clinic. I used to volunteer in a , emory clinic about a year before my late dad showed signs of early dementia he was about 62 years old before he was officially diagnosed with early onset dementia, presumed frontal lobal.anyway my resukts show frontal lobal atrophy, I think she said some, so does this mean mild, and does it mean I have early stages of dementia or could it be something else? Im feeling confused and lonely. I'm scared of going through what my dad went through and of my chikdren feeling like I dont know them anymore. Im trying not to speculate too much but want to make plans if I neec to. Ive read life expectancy is between 2-12 years and mostly 7 1/2 years after onset. Am I just not believing the diagnosis or did I mishear? I dont know. I dont feel right but I dont want to go to the dr and ask for more information. Can anyone give me a clue or advise please? I dont know how long I will have to wait for the appointment at the memory clinic.

Best healthy wishes

Laurie x

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Oh Laurierose

How scary for you. Sounds like you need to go back to your Dr & ask again for a full explanation of your CT result. It might be good to have someone with you who can support you, I know when I’m stressed or in that situation it’s more difficult to retain info or even ask the right questions sometimes. I’d urge you to watch docu series that is on this weekend by Dr Mark Hyman called Broken Brain. It’s 8 episodes but episode 3 is dedicated to neurodegeneration & Alzheimer’s. Go to to view. Fantastic current information & advice on steps to take & most of all....hope! With best wishes Peetzil x

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Hi Peetzil

Thank you for the understanding and advice. I will take a look at that programme. Will wait a few days then see dr if the appointment hasnt come through and at the same time ask for clear details with my friend there too. Im also wondering if I will be sent a copy of the results or if they just go to the dr.

Best healthy wishes

Laurie x

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I had an MRI scan in nov which showed area of neuro inflammation/demyelination my neuro thinks likely MS but I’ve not enough clinical symptoms to be referred to specialist my referral there was rejected apparently. I do have issues with vision in one eye, so have had further VEP test recently for that. Next neuro review in March & further MRI. It’s an uncertain time, but I’ve looked upon it as an opportunity to maximise my health & take control of everything I can, ie diet, lifestyle etc which I’ve found has made me feel like am back in control if you know what I mean! My mum passed away 3 years ago and had Alzheimer’s so I understand where your anxiety will be kicking in on that front, particularly as your Dad was early onset. But get proactive & do your research, it gives you a positive focus if nothing else. Keep us posted & good luck😀

Sorry to hear of your health hope they get to the ottom of the cause soon and can cure and you feel better. You sound brave and I know whatyou mean about control. We are lucky to live in a caring society and have the NHS. I think families need support too. I watchedthe link you sent it was helpful and also talked to my cousin who is a nurse she said I might not get full blown dementialike my dad. Living in hope and going to follow advicefrom the drs on the link you sent and do my research like you say. Will fight deterioration for the swke of those I love. Best wishes to you and thank you xx keep me posted too on how it goes in march. Will follow you x

My internet is slow so I may have rep, ied more tha monce apologies if so x Also sympathies on the loss of your mum, its aterrible diseasewhen they are stolen from us before their time but part of them is with usnin our hearts forever I believe.x

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Absolutely LaurieRose, it was a relief in many ways to see her at peace as felt like I had already been grieving for several years, am sure you will know what I mean. So glad you found the information useful in the link. It’s a very positive message. I am generally a positive person, but we all have our moments! Take care & best of luck on your journey xxx

Likewise Peetzil. Yes best to remain positive. All the best. X

So finally got to see a Dr today about my results, one I haven't seen before. Anyway that wasn't a problem he was nice enough. He let me look at the screen and went through things and first shock was the Ct scan showed generalized atrophy as well as frontal lobal.. I think the previous Dr had just read the first line or only choose to tell me that and said she was referring me to the memory clinic. Well this Dr today read the results further down and it said normal no action. So it seems some brain atrophy is normal with adding and not necessarily dementia.

I hope anyone else who may have been working about losing their mind and not being there for their lives ones anymore is maybe comforted by this knowledge. According to Dr it's due to my unattractive thyroid being lower than normal, it had been going up and down... He showed me a graph.. Also my left level is significantly high and now for the first time I've known about the psp (I think that's what it's called) the one to do with bile is slightly or but Dr said that could just be a test error its only two points in the wrong direction and he asked me if I drank alcohol. Answer no very very rarely. Anyway have to have repeat thyroid and liver function tests in six weeks.

Just thought I would update my details. Just have to live for each day don't we. Never know what we are going to be diagnosed with next. Best wishes all.

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Hello Laurie, I just had a CT scan of my head during a visit to the ER with a migraine. The CT was normal, but she stated frontal lobe mild atrophy, out of portportion. I’m scared to death. I see my neuro in a few days, but does this result seem similar to your results. I too are on thyroid meds and they keep getting adjusted . Than u


I typed a long reply to this but it disappeared. To summarise

Seems my brain scan improved here's a synopsis of what I did

Reviewed medication

Got more fresh air and exercise

Gave up smoking

Drank more water to prevent getting dehydrated again

Restricted acidic foods

Played brain games

Took ginko Bilboa

Still having investigations into pain but taking painkillers as little as possible.

Seems diazepam altered my brain chemistry it was a good drug for calming anxiety but I'm pretty sure it changes brain chemistry.

The good news is even though some medications atrophy our brains it can go back.

Good luck

Hope it goes or went well at neuro.

Hi Laurie..just joined and came upon your post about mild frontal lobe atrophy. I am 70 and was also diagnosed after an MRI. I dont know if it is linked to age or not. I did some research though and discovered that adrenal hormones released to the brain on a constant level from general anxiety disorder, such as neuroprenephrine and other s, which I have, can cause mild atrophy. I have Illness Anxiety Disorder so this has been constantly on my mind. I am constantly stressed and fearful so this could be a cause. I hope that you are feeling much better now.

Hi that is interesting about the adrenal connection. Also, it is normal for some people to have a smaller frontal lobe. Since writing this post I've been under the care of a neuropsychologist and continue to be monitored. I also suffer anxiety and other symptoms which cause it. The neuropsychologist confirmed that stress certainly can cause the problems of memory loss and low executive function but I wasn't told they caused the atrophy. I was told they don't know for sure but could be due to stress and pressure I've suffered over the last few years. So they are going to check for any further shrinkage or worsening of symptoms. Other than that was told to change my life little by little and see if that helps. Our brains naturally get smaller with age and we need to stimulate them everyday. I find eating lots of fruit and veg and staying hydrated keeps my stress lower and would advise it to anyone in the same way. Best wishes make the most of each day and get all the help you can

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Curious how you're doing now, my mother was just diagnosed with this a few days ago. I know this post is 4 years old and saw you followed up 2 years ago. How are things with you now?