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scared i have brain tumour help!!



i hope someone can help, ai have just had a ct scan and i am so worried waiting on the results.does anyone know if it was seripus would i hear back quite quick from nhs?

ai have been having blurred vision and headaches 24/7 for around 3 months i was prescribed naproxen , cocodamol and another tablet i took 1 just at night and none are working.

i have an appointment in a few weeks for nurologist but so scared i have a tumour.

anyone that could share there experiences or knowledge would be great thanks

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The Mrs had a appt with the GP several times. He then reluctantly sent her for a ct scan. It took 3 months from the GP to the scan.

Once the scan happened and it showed she had a brain tumour. It took the consultant 24-48 hours to call her in.

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thank you for your response, i had my scan thursday so im just worried sick.

if you dont mind me asking was your partners symptoms similar to mines?

Symptoms were weird. Zoning in and out of conversation and having to concentrate to maintain attention.

She is a mum of two young kids under 10. GP put it down to tiredness, blood sugars going up and down, sleep patterns etc etc. The last thing we thought was a tumour

Each tumour probably has its own symptoms. So I wouldn't read to much into it.

After our scan the nurse said we will make you an appt in a few months to discuss the result. Once the consultant saw the scan then all hell broke loose. Within 48 hours we were talking treatment options.


im so sorry to hear that :-( I pray your partner has full recovery such a horrible illness and especially with children.

i have spoken to doctor today who had pretty much said the same if anything sinister i would have heard pretty soon so im trying to stay positive but it is so hard not to worry .

Littlemex I've only just found your post - you may have already got a result ?

The waiting is awful I know. Play clever here and bypass the last of the communication lines (GP) Make contact with your consultants secretary ask her when the scan is likely to be reported on and when she's likely to be able to type it up ? My 'Donna' is now great with me and answers all Qs readily. She'll also follow up for me if she hasn't an answer.

I can now tell when a report is likely to hit the GPs desk before the GP knows it ! Chain of command !!!

If your condition is acute and needs treatment you'll be contacted very quickly but if (as in my case) its acute but on going and with no conclusive diagnosis ...I can wait for weeks ! They don't know what to do with me anyway 😐

I wish you all the very best with your health and please msg me if you've any Qs . Gosh I'm no expert but I've 6 years experience as a Neuro patient and have found it's very complex and def not a one size fits all area of medicine. I love research which is just as well or I'd never have discovered info on my own health !

Have a good day

Susan x

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