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Brain damage from concussion

Hi, my name is michael and i am 18, i am american but been living with my mum in france since 13 years... In 2010 i had a severe concussion with a small internal bleeding which of course didn't necessitate medecine or surgery because it was too small! Before i had this accident ( which i had from falling my height while running) my mom's fiancee which is an engineer knew i had aspergers because he said ( i am really sorry if i am arrogant i dont mean it really) i was really smart but didnt get the social cues with his two children and with others and had trouble making friends and communicating. I was always getting A's at primary and middle school before that accident and had no signs of intellectual deficiency. In fact i was curious of everything ranging from history to astronomy... What i am really afraid and terrified of is if this concussion damaged my brain and made me loose intelligence and even made me intellectually disabled... It would be really unfair for me that it happened to me! Could you help me please?

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Hi Mike,

My name is Kelly. I saw your post and thought I would say hello. I am thirty eight, have a son of sixteen and live in Liverpool in the U.K. I am sorry, I haven't got any insight or information to give you, but did want to acknowledge your post. I am experiencing post concussion syndrome symptoms after a bang to my head. It would be unfair to say understand, as who can really know how things feel to someone else, but I understand how you would feel it unfair if your intellect was affected. I am still working out what has been affected in myself. I worry the things I previously felt were my strengths are affected. Some days I feel down but today, I am thinking that I just need to begin a new journey to discover what I am good at, and that's ok. It may even be exciting. I wish you the very best of luck and happy to chat on here if you would like to.


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