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Brown discharge 8 weeks pregnant.

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Hey ladies hope you are all well. So this is my first pregnancy, I’m around 8 weeks pregnant. I’ve been having brown discharge for about 2 weeks now. Has anyone has this before?

Prior to this I was unexpectedly bleeding, went in for a scan the baby was fine. However I still have this brown discharge. It’s been almost two weeks now.

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I just came across your post and I thought to reassure you that all is well. At least if it's the same dark brown (and sometimes yellowy brown kind of) discharge, then I can confirm I had it for most of my pregnancy. No one was able to tell me why I was having it and my healthy baby boy will be 1year old this weekend! 🥰

Stay positive and all the best with your pregnancy x

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Loverdose in reply to me08

So refreshing to hear, thank you so much 😊


I am also entering in my 8th week tomorrow and today I also find from time to time a brownish (very light) discharge.

However I’m nit panicking as I think that it’s a reaction of an excessive blood flow.

Is everything fine with you so far? I read a lot and I can find many sources but most of them say that this is fine, especially in the first trimester.

Best Wishes,

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Loverdose in reply to Kate1290

Hey Kate, at first the doctors didn’t know why this was happening, I started bleeding for one day then next few weeks I was having the brown discharge I’d say for a month then it stopped. I had my 12 weeks scan a few days ago and everything was good. Don’t panic, I think it’s just old blood leaving the uterus. Everything is well now thank god, my nausea has stopped and so has my morning sickness. Hope all is well with you xx

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Kate1290 in reply to Loverdose


Thank you so much for replying this fast!

I am very glad you are great and that everything is good! Congrats on the 12th week scan! 😁

I also hope so, I have my scan next week again so I’ll inform the doctor about this but I think everything will be fine! But I am veeeery nauseous the past two weeks, I hope it will pass after the 10th week as they say. 🤞

I wish you a great time further with the pregnancy 😊

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Loverdose in reply to Kate1290

Aww no worries!!

This is my first pregnancy and I praise all the mums that have gone through the morning sickness and nausea. I got these motion sickness bands on eBay which were helping me for a while. I would also recommend eating small portions through out the day and stay hydrated. If it gets worse, tell your gp you can get some medication for it. Good luck with your scan and feel free to update us xx

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Kate1290 in reply to Loverdose

Oh okay, I will search for such alternatives then! 👌

I just eat some snacks from time to time and then I take some minty gums so that kind of temporarily helps. But yeah, so far it’s really uncomfortable but I’m controlling it😅

I will keep you posted for sure, if someone gets in a same situation, they can read this (hopefully positive) outcome 😁😊

Sending ❤️

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This is me again, just a short update on the topic from the last week.

So I went to the doctor today and I told him about this light brown discharge I had and the doctor said that everything is normal and usually this is because the embryo sac? or something else was implanting in the uterus. Hah.. I am not an expert but the doctor reacted like he expected what I was going to say.. So all good.

The baby is doing great there, so no reason for worries now. 😇

I wish you a great day and best wishes!


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Loverdose in reply to Kate1290

Soo good to hear!! I’m glad everything is okay ❤️❤️

So glad I came across this. I’m 8wks tomorrow have had a small amount of brown mixed with discharge for the past couple of days since the transvaginal US confirming my pregnancy w/ little heartbeat. I had some spotting a few weeks back and it turned out ok and stopped and this is lighter... but mucusy (sort tmi). I also felt slightly dizzy just now but I think it’s cause I hadn’t eaten. I’ve read so many horror stories and driving myself mad... So glad to hear people went on to be ok!🤞 things go ok for me too xx

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Loverdose in reply to Beatrix_K

Hey lovely, honestly I was the same as you. I was driving myself crazy by looking at the stories online. I’m glad everything is okay with you. Xx

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