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8 wks pregnant, experienced tummy ache

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Hi there, I’m 8 weeks pregnant and last night I felt bloated (which I know is normal) but I woke up a few times throughout the night with a stomach ache. No cramping, just belly ache. Anyone experienced this in early pregnancy?


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Hi, I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and I experienced this last couple of days. It’s been uncomfortable and I been eating healthy so don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for replying Amy 😊 I’m not going to worry about it as it only lasted one day but will inform my midwife. Did you get yours checked out?

No I haven’t yet and don’t see midwife till 25 weeks now! Thinks it’s just a metabolism slowing down while pregnant and makes me more windy and uncomfortable. Few women have said they get that to, just not had in previous pregnancies so new to me. If u get any advise of midwife let me know. I felt very bloated at the start about same time as you. I did also have cramping x

Well if you’re really worried I’m sure you could speak to your midwife or GP before your next appointment? You probably know that every pregnancy is different so I’m sure you’ll be ok but do get it checked out if you’re concerned even just to put your mind at rest! I can’t wait to start showing like you 😄 You’re looking really well 😊

Will defo let you know what the midwife says 😊 Take it easy x

Thank u for advice if I get really concerned about it and effects me more I’ll go to my GP for sure! I was same at start can’t wait to start showing so didn’t just looked bloated😂🙈Aw really thank u! Don’t feel like I look well cause just feel exhausted all the time lol

Since I started showing I haven’t stopped and seems to be growing quickly!

Hope all goes well and sure your be glowing soon🥰x

P.s sorry I was supposed to be giving you advice on what your worried about not other way round lol

Don’t be sorry lol, it’s all good. We’re all here to support each other 😊

I didn’t realise that eating certain foods would set you off or that the baby wouldn’t like it? Is that really a thing?...

Yeah course that’s good thing about this app😊

Just when your pregnant your taste buds change and smells of things etc. I’ve gone off coffee, tea and bananas makes me sick, certain things set me off lol xx

Yeah, I get that certain foods put you off. Not experienced that yet but it’s early days. Are you still feeling really tired in your 2nd trimester? I thought it gets easier?

I just feel really tired got already got 2 boys and a dog and trying to work lol it is easier than first trimester, especially for me cause I had sickness whole way through first trimester only recently stopped. Everybody different though suppose x

Oh wow, no wonder you’re tired! You’re plate isn’t full but rather overflowing! Take it easy hon and all the best to you x

Aw thank u! Not too bad my boys both at school now which helps me rest more during day. All the best to you to x

If only lasted one day could of just been something you ate and the pregnancy didn’t like it. You’ll find what your body likes and dislikes through the pregnancy x

Are you in the UK? If you are you can contact this charity called Tommy’s. They have a free phone line with a team of midwives to answer all concerns x

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