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I need advice :(


I had sex with someone on the 13th the first day of my fertile window according to my period app. The person didn’t stay hard or didn’t cum at all. He went into for 3 mins max and then got soft and we didn’t try again. Is there a chance I should be worried about precum ? According to my app I’m supposed to ovulate on the 17 .

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Yes, there's a chance of pregnancy if he v inserted his penis into you with no protection as there is semen present in pre-cum, up you can never guarantee that no semen entered into you. Semen can live inside you for several days so if it went in you on the 13th there's a chance it will still be present when you ovulate, apps aren't always exact at prediction either.

You're too late to take a morning after pill, so all you can do is wait until your period is due and if it doesn't come take a pregnancy test.

If you have had unprotected sex you should also maybe speak to a sexual health clinic about arranging a STI test and speak to them about maybe arranging you some contraception and get somecondoms.

Cruzcelest1 in reply to Seb9

How long can spent live inside a women

Seb9 in reply to Cruzcelest1

It can live up to seven days inside you.

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