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Positive Pregnancy Test


I’ve recently found I’m pregnant by taking a pregnancy test, 4 to be exact! I used the clear blue how many weeks test and it showed as 2-3 weeks but when you look at the leaflet it states doctors will go by the last period which is 4-5 weeks.

First question - How many weeks am I? 2-3 weeks or 4-5?

Second question - Is there away to confirm it earlier. I spoke to my GP and they said I don’t need to see the doctor just need to phone the woman’s hospital and my appointment is 7th Jan.

This is my first pregnancy so as you can tell I’m freaking out. I just don’t want to tell my family I’m pregnant and then get to the scan and there be no baby. Especially it nearly being Christmas my family will be wondering why I’m not drinking.

Thank you in advance! ♥️ x

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Your estimated due date for your pregnancy journey will be based on the first day of your last period, so this means essentially that the first two weeks of your cycle you weren't pregnant but they are included in the calculations so that's where the 4-5 weeks come from.

The test is based on the level of hcg in your blood, so tells you the number of weeks you've been you've actually been pregnant so it tells you that you're 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Depending where you're from, in the UK we never really see the GP for anything to do with pregnancy, it's just the midwife for your appointments and then the sonographer at your scans at 12 weeks who check measurements and do your quad tests if you want them done.

If you want earlier confirmation you can have a private scan at about 7 weeks, before this it can be hard to see the heartbeat so it's best to wait so that it's a reassurance scan rather than just extra worry if they can't find heartbeat etc.

You might be better off joining the NCT forum pages for pregnancy related questions as the BPAS is mostly for people looking into abortion, so it's quite a misleading name really.

The nhs website also has a wealth of information about pregnancy and your journey nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

Congratulations 😁

Hey! Congratulations 🥳 I am in the same boat as you. Going by my last period I’ll be 5 weeks tomorrow! I called the doctors and they advise they’d call me when I am around 8 weeks. I feel like I can’t wait until I’m 10-12 weeks so I booked a reassurance scan beginning of Jan. It cost £89 and you can have a scan from 6-12 weeks!

For Christmas I’ll be finding some non alcoholic Prosecco otherwise my family will be wondering why I’m not drinking either!! X

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