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Scan photos


How much are scan photos? I’ve recently found out I am pregnant but not sure if you have to pay for them I’ve been told that you do though? Thanks in advance

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It varies from trust to trust, mine asked for a donation of £5 but some do them for free. When you get your scan letter it should have details on there, if not just take some cash with you in case they don't take card. We ended giving a donation of £20 as we didn't have anything smaller on us 😁

Titchyy- in reply to Seb9

Thank you ❤️❤️

When I went start of June it was free x

Titchyy- in reply to Sorax

I got told that you get one scan photo free then pay for others but once I get my scan I’ll see what they say as I think different hospitals will vary thank you❤️

Our hospital gave us 2 photos at 12 weeks and 3 photos at 20 weeks. They should have charged £5 per photo, payment via card only, but due to the covid virus, we got them all for free!

My 12 week scan was 6 weeks ago and I paid £16 for 4 photos. Could pay by cash or card ☺️. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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