Morning sickness

Two tests come back positive and I was due my period 16th last month I'm booking an appointment later at doctors to see the midwife im just wondering how far gone you I possibly am and wondering if there's anything to stop me being sick I can't eat because of it so I drink and when I'm sick it comes back up but once that's gone I'm just left choking and heaving not being able to breath

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  • Around 5 weeks I'd say midwife will give you better idea. Ginger biscuits are good have 2 before you get out of bed. Hope this helps

  • Thankyou I'll try that I'm only 18 and first baby so not sure what to do I know what to do looking after them just not myself if you get me doesn't feel real to me yet x

  • Don't worry you'll be OK. I was 17 when I got pregnant the first time. Your midwife is best person your worried. Ask for her work mobile.. I've got mine incase I can't ring her through the clinic I can text and she'll ring when she's free. It's always hard to catch them if you don't have an appointment. Sickness is worst... if you literally get to point where you can't even keep water down at all ring your gp. I know being pregnant so young for first time is scary but you'll get there. I'm 21 now with 2 kids and I'm pregnant again had no end of problems when pregnant but got two healthy babies :) if you need any advice just message me x

  • Awh thankyou and when do I need to start eating properly because at the moment I can not ate in a few days except I've managed a bag or crisp but even drink I've thrown up I'll just see how rest of today goes xx

  • Your body can go without food it's mainly fluids you need to keep up. Even if you are eating crisp it's something. Try having toast or something that's pretty plain. If you probably go 5 or 6 days without food (literally nothing no crisp or anything) I'd say go gp just to check all is OK. Some women suffer worse than others and some end up having to be on a drip. I had norovirus and couldn't eat or drink so had be put on a drip. Hopefully it'll ease but normally sickness goes when you hit second trimester. If you are worried or anything just go to gp x

  • Hi Hun, I'm 17 and 11+3 days, I got really bad sickness is say one of the things that helped me was eating little bits at a time, and sickness tablets before bed! Hope your doing ok x

  • Ye hun I'm doing okay not feeling as bad today got an appointment with midwife Thursday so she will tell me how far I'm gone but people reckon I'm already like 5 week x

  • And Ive manages like two bags of crisps over like 4 days I'm feeling a Lil better though but still getting that horrible urge to be sick it's constantly in my stomach and up in my throat

  • That feeling is absolutely horrible, right? I know it's horrible, I guess you've just got to do it for the baby! Hopefully doctors can start giving you some anti sickness, x

  • Hopefully they can and wasn't feeling that bad yesterday I went and sat outside for a abit in fresh air and I actually stopped feeling sick for a while bit this morning I'm feeling abit sick but not half as bad as other day can it come and go x

  • Go to your doctor please. I had this was suck constantly ended up in hospital on iv fluids due to severe dehydration and got put on antisickness meds thay was nearly 2.week ago im nine weeks now. Better safe than sorry

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