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Am I pregnant


Hi I stopped the pill about 7 days ago and I’ve had unprotected sex 3 times with my partner. This morning I’ve woken up feeling really sick and tired. Am I pregnant. What should I do

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You could be pregnant, but it would probably be unlikely to experience symptoms that early. With only recently coming off the pill, it might take a while for your periods to get back into a normal rhythm. For that reason, I would probably wait a few days and then take pregnant test, and keep taking them every week or so until your period arrives.

It weird because I normally have a period after 3 days but I haven’t had on yet

Oh, so you've come off the pill before and had bleeding after 3 days?

Yes and when I rake my break and I’m always missing days. I forget to take my pill that’s why I’ve decided to completely stop it

I see what you mean, when you have the week's break that's not technically a period. It might be that because you haven't stopped it at the end of the pack like you would for a normal break, that no bleeding has occurred yet. But, if you've had unprotected sex since stopping and you know you've missed pills in the lead up to that then it could be that you're pregnant.

I have completed stopped it before and had a period within days and then went straight back on it as I hate blood. When would be the best time to take a test

Oh I see, I don't know to be honest. If you feel like you're experiencing symptoms now then maybe in a couple of days, but waiting around a week would probably give you the most reliable test result, If you're not hoping for a pregnancy, it might be a good idea to speak to your doctor about other contraceptive options that could work for you.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind being pregnant but I just want to know if I am

Fingers crossed for you! I'd say there's no harm in taking a test tomorrow or in a couple of days, it's just that if it's negative it might not be accurate, so that could be disappointing for you.

Thank you so much for your help. More help than my nurse gave me x

You're welcome! I'm not a medical professional so if anything I've said conflicts with the nurse then obviously go with what they've said, but I've done a fair bit of research over the years lol.

Yeah you have said very similar things. So thank you

Gia_9 in reply to Lollypop1988

I agree with the PP that while knowing that whether you're pregnant or not it's best to wait just a little longer to test. Better to pick a FRER in case you test in 3-5 days. Early testing could mean you miss the real result and that's gonna get situation more complex because you weren't planing on pregnancy I believe.

Did you have sex like within these 7 days? If yes, there's a real good chance that you could be actually pregnant. When you are on pill usually the protection is sort of extended when you stop it but it cannot be trusted on. There are cases where women missed one pill and happen to DTD.... somthing just synced and they got pregnant.

Lollypop1988 in reply to Gia_9

Yeah like 3 times within the 7 days

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