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I have just found out I am pregnant 2-3 weeks. Husband and I have been trying for over 2 years and have been going though fertility treatment but this pregnancy has come naturally and so very unexpected.

I’m having period like cramps and slight back pain, is this normal? I’m so apprehensive because of what we have been through and I know so much can go wrong.

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It sounds fairly normal for your body to have some mild cramps at early stages, it might be implantation. If you have a look at the nhs website about pregnancy theta lots of information about pregnancy on there

Let me firstly say congratulations on your pregnancy,please try not to worry ,it’s normal to get that cramping pain like your period is about to start but it should ease after a few days .

I'm 3-4 weeks post ovulation and have had cramps for the past 2 weeks. Kept expecting my period until I tested last week. These are thankfully not painful like my period though.

I also knew someone who went to the doctor for persistent back pain to be told she was pregnant.

It’s definitely not like period pain more like twinges! Just making me nervous. I got 3+ weeks on the clear blue yesterday so I must be at least 5 weeks I guess

Congratulations! Yes, very normal, I was running to the loo every 15 minutes thinking oh no! I am going to bleed any minute. It's your baby nestling into the womb lining getting comfy and ready to start growing xx

Thanks i had an early scan and say the heartbeat so that helped to reassure me ❤️❤️x

The ahces and pains will go but then they will come back stretching all your ligaments so don't worry. Glad your scan went well, it's lovely to see what's happening in there!

Congrats! All very normal throughout you will have cramps twinges the lot 🤗🤗💖💖💖

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