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It's been a year and I am Still struggling to get pregnant

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So I posted on here around 5 months ago saying about how I've been struggling to get pregnant.

It's now been a whole year being off the depo injection and I have had regular monthly periods which started as soon as I stopped contraception.

My partner and I have always said if it happens it happens but it's been a year of trying and nothing. It's making us worry that there might be something wrong.

I'm not to sure the way to go about going to find out about fertility, who should I go to. Will it just be a GP appointment?

10 Replies

Hi, yes just explain to a gp that you have been trying for a baby but nothing has happened. They will refer you to the hospital. I know someone who did the same and they ran some tests and then eventually prescribed her clomed which helps with ovulation I think but a hospital will do lots of basic checks. Many things can cause it to not happen so I wouldn't worry too much x

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I understand completely your worries. I had surgery for endometriosis 4.5 years ago and then a whole raft of post surgery injections and medicine. I never thought I'd have children so simply stopped using protection. My partner and I discussed looking at fertility testing but 3 years post surgery I was of the mindset that perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

However I asked my gp and he ran two simple blood tests during my cycle for me that confirmed I had the right hormone levels so I was ovulating each month.

We were looking at my partner potentially being tested and a week later 4 pregnancy tests confirmed I was pregnant. I now have 6 month old twins! A boy and a girl. So while I understand your worry sometimes it just takes a bit more time and a bit less stress - the stress of actively trying. I'm 37 so no spring chicken!

Get your gp to run the test for you it's completely free and they should be able to advise you on tests for your partner if you'd like that done too.

Good luck


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Shivvyboom79 in reply to MissD79

Hi Tash,

It was lovely to read your message.

It does give hope.

I'm the same age as you and feel as if my clock is ticking.

My partner has got his test coming up soon. So hopefully that will give us more to go on. Xx

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MissD79 in reply to Shivvyboom79


There is always hope. I suffered with depression also which was triggered by me trying to accept I probably wouldn't have children naturally I was even thinking about adoption processes.

My partner is 13 years older than me and didn't have children so I honestly believed it wouldn't happen.

Once your partner is tested if it comes back fine I would ask to see a fertility specialist even if only for advice.

But don't give up, as I said I'm now run off my feet with twins! I honestly believe it was the fact that we weren't "trying" that things changed I don't know if the stress of trying can be a factor but you've still got time my aunt lost her precious little girl to cancer 5 years ago and at 44 has just had a little girl!


Tash x

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You book in with your gp and they will order the relevant blood tests. And partners sperm analysis test x

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I am currently on chlomid for a second time after falling pregnant on it . Xx

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Hi, we have been trying for a year too and I’m still not pregnant. Based on various posts I’ve read some people can take longer than a year even without any fertility problems. However, at this stage you should see your GP and explain the situation – you must insist they do run some tests (I had to push my GP a little bit!). Both you and your partner need to get tested. In my case my results were normal, but my husband’s results showed low sperm motility meaning that some of the sperm is not moving. We are currently waiting for a referral to a fertility specialist to find out what this means for us. The wait is frustrating and I’m worried, but I try to keep positive that there will be a solution. Keep in mind though that in most cases no problem is found and it just takes longer, or at least that's what most people say...

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Are you having unexplained infertility problems and you've done all you could yet no solution to the challenge. I had similar problem, I was afraid to talk about it at first. I read articles about celebrities who has faced similar problem I decided to discuss it with people. Mine was extreme but I got help when I finally decided to tell people about my problem. I was asked to contact rahany herbal center for herbal treatment to infertility. I contacted them they were ready to assist and offered some herbal medications which I took and eventually was able to conceive. It's a long story, if you've been there ( fertility problem) you'll understand what I'm talking about. If you need help contact for assistance on how to cure infertility challenges. It worked for me and I believe this will go a long way in somebody's life. Best of luck

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Hey, I hope you're doing well. I am sure things will get better. Don't worry! It is a good decision that you decided to visit a GP. They will do some tests like the hormonal tests and an ultrasound to check what the problem might be. Most of the people who are suffering from infertility are either diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, poor ovarian reserve or it could either be unexplained infertility. However, don't worry since the technology has improved there are a lot of treatments available now. The first step includes medication mainly Clomid. Whereas the later steps include treatments like IUI and IVF. So I believe you should research on all these treatments and see if any would suit you. The thing with infertility is that you should continue to research. DH and I sit and watch soo many videos online of various people. These people are sharing their success stories and I love watching that. Staying positive and stong are two things that you will have to teach yourself as well. Best of luck I hope everything goes well.

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I am sorry that you're going through infertility. I am not sure if you are ready to accept it yet. It's been a year only. But you have been TTC so I used the term infertility. I have been through a lot in my life as well. I was lucky enough to conceive when I was 28. I had my son naturally. We were not even TTC. You know it happens when it has to happen. However, after that, I couldn't conceive. I wanted a second child as well. It's just sad that it didn't happen. I was TTC for 8 years. I am 38 years old right now. We did try other means. I am glad that I am having a baby girl in October. However, I'm not carrying her myself. My husband and I are really excited nevertheless!

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