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Mini pill


Hello can some give me advice I am on the mini pill I also have pcos

I think I may be pregnant due to my mom making comments to me the other day but worried about it because she does not know I had sex recently she thinks my stomach swollen and slighty harder than usual and worried if I am cos I don’t feel I could tell her I don’t have any symptoms of being pregnant though any advice please

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It is possible for the pill to fail at preventing pregnancy. However, there are lots of other possible explanations for your mum’s observation e.g weight gain, wind, constipation, bloating. Would recommend taking a test just in case though!

I was thinking it was wind tbh because always haveing problems with stomach since was a little child and stomach always goes hard and soft each day diffrent but was just worried

Yeah, I mean you never know if you have had unprotected sex (other than the pill), but I think it’s pretty rare.

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