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12 days since sex, light bleeding for 5 days - if this is my period it is a week early!

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I am confused. It's been 12 days since my wife and and I had unprotected sex. Light bleeding has started 5 days ago, a week before her period is due. Her periods are usually on-time.

Current bleeding is more than 'spotting', yet less than a period, but constant.

Pregnancy tests done a few days ago suggest negative result.

Should we be confused? Or concerned? Please help.

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Unprotected sex means there's always a chance, in fact, a high chance of getting pregnant for sure. Have you been TTC? As far the description goes as well as the timing, it could be implantation bleeding but then you can never tell the difference between an early and light period to a real IB. If she just finished what seems like light bleeding you'll not get a BFP right away even if you check on FRER. Are there any other symptoms of pregnancy? Nausea hits right on but then it happens to be different timing for everyone... however, I think it's early for that too. Give it a couple of days and check again. It takes the HCG around 50 hrs to double-up right after implantation, if you've happened to have conceived. Best to get on checking than assuming really.

Can you tell what happened with ur wife ? I’m experiencing same situation and I’m hoping i still can be pregnant. Thanks

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Hi Dokazz, after 6 days of light bleeding (no cramping, some nausea) the GP concluded it was an early miscarriage. Best of luck.

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