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Second period after S abortion


Hello ,I was wondering if this is normal because I am worried so much !!!

I am 29 . I have had a surgical abortion on May 29th , I had my first period on June 27th and every thing went smoothly and normal , on the fifth day I went for an Altrasound my gyno said that I have a "cyst 2 cm" on my right ovary. I didn't take any medication to treat it because I was afraid to take HRT which he prescribed to me. I should be having my second period after a couple of days but this morning , I was sneezing and suddenly felt something weird so I ran to the bathroom I saw dark blood on the tissue with some clots , and it stopped suddenly . I am not having PMS as usual , could this be normal ?

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Its normal to keep bleeding...I bled for 3months on and off until my period finally regulated itself...just wear light pads foe the incase moments lik. youve had...if you are extremely worried then go back to your doctor...but you should be fine

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