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What do I do?

Me and my gf recently done dry humping a couple of days ago (naked) so my penis was against her vagina. I did pre ejaculate but I didn’t come, could she be pregnant and what exactly should I do?

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Albeit highly unlikely, it does contain some sperm. They have a long way to travel though. If you are worried contact your g.p or go to a pharmacy n get the morning after pill. It’s up to 72hours later but should be taken as soon as.

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Thank you


Chances are less that she will get pregnant with just the precum but it's not impossible. Sometimes the sperms are retained in the tract from some ejaculation shortly before which get's washed out with the precum or some great swimmers just make it out of your testicles and reach up when you get precum. It's only a matter of chance. If you're well within the 72 hours timeline ... get a post coital pill ASAP. Otherwise depending on her menstrual cycle she should get some HPTs and check around CD 21 and onwards.


Okay thank you


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