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Hey there,

I have been part of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service for 2 years now. I cant seem to find a community on here that relates to the problem I'm experiencing so perhaps someone can help me!?

I seem to be urinating every hour or so , I have a constant full bladder and empty it completely every time I go to the toilet then its full again in the next hour, every hour! No pain, No burning sensation, no discomfort, clear very light yellow almost crystal clear urine, just a bloaty feeling in the stomach. So it doesn't sound like a urine infection as I know how that feels!

This has been going on for about 3 days now!

Can anyone help!?

Thanks in advance


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take a preg test just to rule that out


I've suffered from the same things for a while now, I spoke to nurses in a GUM clinic and I got told to try get my doctor to refer me to a urologist but I do suffer from UTIs and PID - if your similar then could be worth speaking to your doctor about getting referred.


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