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Constant miscarriage

Could someone please advise me as to what could be happening inside my womb? I've had 5 miscarriages, number 5 happening currently and I never make it past 4 weeks. My doctor ordered some blood tests to check my hormone levels and they seem to be fine. The bloods just indicated possible pregnancy which fits with currently having a miscarriage. So now I'm thinking it's something in my womb. The egg doesn't implant properly? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a medical term for it? And is there something that can be done to fix it?

I've been trying so hard for a baby but I can't keep them and I don't know what to do anymore. I've barely stopped crying today and I'm feeling such mixed emotions. Mainly anger because I knew that his would happen to me. I knew that I wanted a baby too badly in my life for me to actually have one. Life has been cruel to me on so many occasions and even though I saw this coming it still hurts so much

If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it. Right now I genuinely feel like I'm never going to be able to have a baby.

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Hi Camz,

Having consistent miscarriages can leave you utterly frustrated and even depressed with no hope for the future. However, you can draw some comfort in the fact that after 3 miscarriages, I was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl. Acrually, most women who experience recurrent miscarriages go on to have a baby especially if medical tests cannot find the exact reason for the losses. Unfortunately, in almost half of these cases, doctors cannot find a reason. Most common issues, however, include APS (antiphospholipid syndrome), a disorder that makes your blood clot when it should not. Thrombophilia is another blood-clotting disorder that is genetic rather than acquired with the same effects as APS. A genetic problem from either you or your partner affecting the chromosomes can also be the issue as well as problems with your uterus (abnormal shape) or a weak cervix. Most of these issues, however, are not fully understood as to why the cause miscarriages. But just keep trying and make sure you go through any necessary checks. If there is nothing wrong then stay hopeful or start looking at other options.


Hello have you been tested by a miscarriage clinic?. They do multiple tests there via blood they sometimes also check the womb and the lining of the womb.

I too have had multiple Miss carriages . It gets super frustrating and really does get tough when it is all that we want . Xx


Thanks so much guys.

I had an ultrasound scan of my pelvis on Sunday and the doctor said that everything is normal. On one hand I'm happy about that but on the other hand I still don't know why I keep miscarrying. My partner and I have decided to officially begin trying so that if we still have no luck in a years time we can then get some help.

I just need to prepare myself if anything does happen but it's tough. A miscarriage does not get easier over time no matter how many a person has. So it's tough to keep hope when I'm so desperate for a baby.

I tried with my previous partner this time last year for about 4 months and I had no luck whatsoever. So my feelings of hopelessness have been with me for quite a while which is why it's so tough to shake them.

But I really appreciate the advice.

Thanks again :)


My inbox is always open if you want a chat xx


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