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I found out I was pregnant on Saturday, only be suffer with an intense pain & quite a heavy bleed today, it lasted about half an hour, both the cramps & bleeding and have the odd twinge every now & again, my bleeding started again & I (sorry for the detail) passed a large bloody clot, to which I believe was my baby, to only been a small amount after.My question is, is this normal? I always thought for someone to have a miscarriage it's constant heavy bleeding & pain, ( sorry if that sounds silly, but I've never experienced this before) but mines not even been a pads worth, I'm just a bit confused to what's actually happened?

I phoned my midwife but due to be only being about 6 weeks there wasn't anything she could advise for me to do other than just relax.

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Sounds like it could be. Early pg loss doesn't necessarily produce a lot of pain or bleeding. I think I lost one about 5 weeks and it was just a heavy period type bleed with large clots. If the pg is gone then your hcg will drop to levels undetectable by an hpt. This might take several days though, call your midwife again if you're still worried.


Sorry to hear this. Very sad after bfp but does sound like miscarriage. Maybe do another hpt in a day or so and see if the other poster is right about hcg levels dropping.


Hi there

Well done for calling your midwife, as difficult as it must be her advice is best, try and relax if you can. The miscarriage association have a useful website which might be worth having a look at to compare your symptoms. Or they also have a helpline so it may be that calling that could help with some of your confusion: 01924 200799

I hope this helps

Best wishes



I did call the miscarriage association, but unfortunately they couldn't offer much advice.

My bleeding & pains near enough went yesterday shortly after I passed the clot, today I've had minimal bleeding & no pain, altogether I wouldn't have said I have bled enough to fill a pad (sorry for that information) & it's more brown on the pad now & only a pinky colour when i wipe from using the toilet.

I think it's honest to say I've had the wrong impression of what a miscarriage is really like, as this is far from what I thought, I have to call my midwife tomorrow to inform her of what's happened ect.

Thanks for all the advice. :)


Hi I would definitely check hcg levels with a test, I had lots of bleeding and clots when pregnant with my daughter, I assumed I'd miscarried and then a few days later at the hospital they told me I hadn't and was still pregnant. I had a miscarriage prior to this so thought I knew what was happening but that's not always the case.


Thankyou, I phoned my midwife & she told me to follow the advise that I was given by the Early pregnancy unit at the hospital, to to test again in 12 days now, I don't really hold much hope unfortunately, I'm not bleeding now, But I have read it can stop & start


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